I received a call from Maura Presley about a possible position. She conducted a over the phone interview.

She then said she was going to submit my resume to her client. Then after several attempts to reach her, she finally called and said her client is going to pass. She then called a week later saying she wanted me to come into her office for the same position. I asked if they changed her mind.

She then stated that she does not submit resumes to her clients until she conducts an in person interview. So basically I caught Maura in several lies.

I told her when you client confirms they want to actually interview me, I would then be willing to come in and do a face to face with her. In my opinion, this is not a good company!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Aerotek Cons: Unprofessionalism, Poor communication skills.

Store Location: Downers Grove, Illinois

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Anyone with complaints about, Aerotek, this business should file a complaint with Lisa Madigan, Illinois Attorney General, 500 South Second Street, Springfield, IL 62701.


All the chicks working for this company appear to be bimbo blondes with "marketing" degrees from NIU or other non noteworthy colleges (yes, apologies, but you can get into NIU with an ACT score of 12.) If you look at many of their resumes, it's not necessarily clear if many of them actually graduated with degrees.

Cute chick. I'd take her out for a drink. Wouldn't put my career in her hands those.


Don’t talk *** about NIU you snotty piece of *** Sorry some people can’t afford to get into big schools or are offered great scholarships. Maybe think before you talk ***


It certainly does sound like you caught her in a lie! She apparently was just trying to lure you to the office because as pointed out, yes, they have a weekly quota of in office interviews they must do. I would definitely NOT have any further dealings with this office.


If you read employee reviews of this companies at different websites, the recruiters freely admit they are required to conduct a minimum of 15 face to face interviews per week. From those interviews, they are to gather references and find out who you have been interviewing with.

The purpose of that is so they can then contact those references and companies you interviewed with, offering their services. In other words, you get used as a way to drum up business!

In fairness, most staffing agencies operate this way, not just Aerotek. Another thing I dislike about them is they seem to only hire fresh from college kids who have no actual experience in the industry, with some having no experience of any sort, save a Red Lobster or Olive Garden server gig.

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