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Got a call from a recruiter saying that my 'qualifications would be perfect for a position' they had with another company. They described it and I told them I wasn't interested. Called me the next day and the same thing happens, except I say I would be interested in...
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I didn't like
  • Pestulent behavior

Aerotek Recruiter Review

Aerotek Denver was very helpful to me in finding a job, the girl I had was very friendly & professional with amazing follow through. Very satisfied !
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Trufant, Michigan
I interviewed with Aerotek months ago. Then just last week a recruiter called me and said he was sorry, the other recruiter had quit so no one followed up with me. I interviewed again for a call center position that I was told was located in my town. As I am without...
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I didn't like
  • Misrepresentation
  • Bullying tactics
I worked for this company Aerotek, and upon my separation from them i was never informed of when and how long it would take for my last check to come. I was harassed on the phone and via text by employee, then couldn't give a valid explanation of when my check was...
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I've been with Aerotek for nearly 8 weeks. In that time, I was roped into exorbitantly expensive insurance and have not been paid twice. I have children, so of course when I was looking for insurance, I wanted something with ER and hospital coverage. The only option...
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Those Aerotek people are scavengers, I did a job for them and could not go back to get my personal belongings one random day. My booty, helmet, expensive stuff gone. Crooks in...

I didn't like
  • Greedy
  • Did not pay me full check
  • Insurance costs
Today I typed TEMP AGENCIES SHOULD BE BANNED ... An Aerotek complaint site was listed. Eager for work I submitted my resume to be placed in a position. After finalizing the hiring process I was placed at: TELEFLEX 11245 N Distribution Cove, Olive Branch, MS 38654 For...
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Aerotek Work Experience Review

Aerotek is a terrible company to work for. I recently put in a 3 week notice because I was going to be moving. Not a day later did I get a call from Aerotek telling me not to come back to work...I was pissed because I needed the money for the 3 weeks I would have been working. They are sneaky and for that, I do not recommend Aerotek. They can fire you at anytime for any reason!

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Ive been working two weeks and they owe me roughly $1400. Its basically the most professional scam to date and a cancer to the working class.

If Aerotek calls, don't answer the phone...I wish I didn't. So they "hooked me up" with a temp job that would go for "9 months" then I would be hired full time. I move 1000 mile away from home, get a year long apartment lease. Turns out Aerotek lied and the company...
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Never got paid for the time I worked every time I called it hasn't been processed yet. It has been three weeks now ... Where is my paycheck :( :cry I will tell everyone Don'...


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I worked for Aerotek until very recently. To this day I'm not certain why I was released. I can tell you of a few things that happened, however, to actually get fired over any of what I'm going to tell you is crazy. I can only reiterate I'm not certain,...
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I was fired earlier in 2012 for no reason as well. No cause was given. Not even a hint. I did file for unemployment at the time, as a single mother with two kids I needed t...


I and another employee were fired recentley for no reason, the managers said we said foul language to them, and that was a complete lie. All they have to do is roll the camera...