I went to work for Aerotek too, in June of this year. When Aerotek called me for an assignment, I was told that it was in a purchasing department, so I made it very clear to them AND to the company they wanted to send me to (during my interview with the company), that I was not a purchasing clerk, and that I had only worked in a purchasing department for a few months doing admin support duties on a previous temp job for another agency.

I was also told that it would only be a 3-4 months position by both Aerotek and the company, which I agreed to because I also had made it very clear from the very start, when I first applied to Aerotek, that I was retiring in a few months, and did not want to commit to any assignments for longer than that. I also made all of this clear to the company I would be working at during my interview with them. As I worked at the assignment, it became apparent after only a month, that it WAS a purchasing clerk job, and I was given more and more purchasing clerk duties; however, I continued to work and learn the job, and was complimented several times by the company that I was doing a great job; however, it became more and more stressful because the company piled more and more work on me so, after 4 months, I asked for a $1 more an hour raise because I had not been earning the standard purchasing clerk salary for my area. I asked for the raise in writing, and received a response from my representative that she would "check" with her supervisor and get back to me.

I asked again several times, and was given the run around every time. After 6 months, I still had not been given a raise and there was no end in sight for the assignment and it was becoming more stressful everyday.

I had planned to stick it out for a few more weeks, until the last week of the year, but because the job was so stressful, and Aerotek was not backing me up by giving me the raise I had asked for 2 months ago, I quit. I would not recommend that anyone work for this agency.

Store Location: Mount Laurel, New Jersey

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Wow- my story is almost exactly the same if you were to switch purchasing agent with mechanic- after taking on much more responsibility and many more tasks, I too asked for $1 an hour more. Only it took 3 months of runaround before I was given the "no". Sadly, the Aerotek Piscataway office indeed takes some of the joy out of your new job experience.



I hope this is being directed to the right people.

I am currently a full time contract employee working for Aertotek. I love the company that I work for through Aerotek, I have had nothing but good things to say about the people I work with, and nothing but compliments on the work I have done in the last year. That being said, My experience with Aerotek as of late has not been something I am so happy about.

I recently e-mailed my contacts at Aerotek about benefits enrolment for this year. (I missed the deadline last year). After I e-mailed my contacts (A week before my contract renewal date) I was told that the window had been closed for benefits enrolment. This was a surprise to me due to the fact that no one had told me anything about it.

Aertotek contacts have repeatedly told me in not-so-helpful tones that there is nothing they can do for me if I missed the window. However, I would like to know how I can apply for benefits if I was never given any information on how to apply.

I know I looked over the benefits information when I signed on a year ago. I know I missed the deadline a year ago. That's why I e-mailed Aerotek a week prior to my contract renewal this year to get information. When I did so, I was told I missed the window. However, I was given no information this year in the time leading up to the "enrolment" window about how to enrol.

Aerotek representatives have told me that they mailed me two postcards and a piece of paper with my paycheck, however, when I asked to provide some sort of documentation that they sent these notices. They have not been able to provide any information at all.

In short, I missed this enrolment period because I was given no information, and no I am being given the run around, being transferred from person to person at Aerotek trying to get a straight answer and insurance coverage.

One of the Aerotek representatives (Sandy Kapur) even told me that the Aerotek insurance "wasnt even that good" (Which is great to hear, but in my opinion, it is better than nothing.)

can someone here help me?

People I have been in some sort of contact with:

Sandy Kapur

Erin Koenig (has been helpful in every respect)

Janice Galuszka (has been copied on e-mails from Aeroteks end, but i have never spoken to her)

Colleen Patterson (Works at Alegis, but I have never spoken to her in person, so is just copied on e-mails)

Doris Zavala


Kyle Van Heck

1608 Wilmette Ave.

Wilmette IL 60091

847-302-9547 (cell) available 24 hrs 7 days

847-441-1463 (Work phone, office hours)


Hello Pineapple, we'd like you to know that Aerotek takes these comments very seriously as we strive for continuous improvement. Please e-mail servicecomplaint@aerotek.com with full details of your situation and we will work to reconcile with you however possible.

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