I wait like one week for my background that really rarelly

I signed every paper i give my social security i also do the drug test and they said my background still pending !!!!

Im frustred with al this i dont know why they do that or for what they use my information the girl she said 10.03 per hour and i think this is fake maybe they use this info for fraud pr something like that just be carefull everyone who go to the interviews and give all that how i know my background still pending !???

My husband work for a lot of staffing an he said he never hear about that ;(


Verry sad i feel enganious

Monetary Loss: $100.

Store Location: Lawnside, New Jersey

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this is the 3rd post by the same person is near jibberish


I understand that many people are disappointed with aeroteks follow up, but looking at the grammatical errors in the comments, it seems to me that maybe you didn't get a callback because you are uneducated. Also, recruiters have to be honest.

Sometimes honesty can be harsh.

You can either choose to take the advice and turn it into a positive, or choose to live in a dream world where you are perfect (which obviously wasn't working for you...hence why you turned to a staffing agency). Just saying.

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