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When you are recruiting someone, do not waste their time. I had a phone interview with this company back in March with a lady named Natalie for a position at their NJ office and I must admit that this was one of the most negative interview experiences I've had with any company.

She immediately started interrogating me on why I wanted to work at AeroTek. She told me that she believed I want to come to work at Aerotek because my colleague/previous coworker recently started working at the company. Little did she know, I applied to this company about 4 to 5 years prior at an open house held at my college. Believing that I am now more experienced I chose to reapply with the recommendation from my colleague.

The phone interview immediately went sideways and I can tell she was not interested in anything I had to say as she basically rushed me off the phone. Fast forward to December, I attended an open house held by Aerotek with an invite from another employee to see how things are at the office and how the work day is orchestrated. During this event I met great people and even friends who were currently working at the office. The environment was relaxed and everyone seemed to be friendly.

I did some networking and took as much information as I can from the open house event. Two days later I got an email stating they will like to have me come in for a final interview so I responded with my availability. Another two days went by with no confirmation of this final interview. So, I decided to call the office to see why I was not being contacted to come in for the final interview any longer, only to realize that Natalie had interfered with my process.

Instead I received an email stating that after they had a conversation with Natalie they are going to have to move on because it shows that I interviewed with the company before. I found this whole matter very unprofessional, so I emailed back to question the recruiter who emailed me to see if there was some unwritten grace period in which one has to wait before reapplying with the company. Also if after one goes through a negative experience with the senior recruiter named Natalie, it means they cannot be considered for the company any longer? That email went unanswered, so I reached out to my colleague who invited me to the open house and explained the situation at hand.

Miraculously, I received a call from the original recruiter who informed me they cannot move on with me, now extending the offer for me to come in for an interview. Long story short, Natalie then calls to confirm the interview with an Account manager and another senior manager. I came in to this interview and had a great conversation and answered every question tossed at me to the best of my ability. Went home and followed up with Natalie with a phone call as instructed, but she was not available so I left her a message.

Next morning, I received an email from her stating that they have decided to move on and went with someone more qualified for the position. During the open house there were people chosen to come in for final interview who only had a golf lessons teacher background. But somehow someone like me with an assorted professional background that clearly meets or exceed minimum expectations is not qualified for the position. I cannot help but believe that they already had it in mind that they were not going to extend me an offer.

And that calling me in for that interview was just to save themselves due to how unprofessional they were with me post open house. It is almost crazy to believe that I am in someway barred from working at this company because this person who does not know me feels as though I am not good enough to apply to this company. Is it because I am African American?

How am i less qualified than a golf teacher who showed up for the open house and made it to the final interview and most likely got hired. Management need to do better at this company if they really want great talent to join and stay at the company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruitment.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I was on your side until you played the race card. Good grief, people are rejected for jobs hundreds, perhaps even thousands of times during their lifetime and they come from all races and backgrounds.

You are not going to get every job you go after, I don't care who you are.

Aerotek seems to hire "fresh from college" graduates, so if anything, maybe you were too old for them, if you have already acquired an assorted background. Keep looking.

With Aerotek, experience doesn't seem to be what they are looking for. Why don't you check the employee postings at Glassdoor and see what they have to say about their interview experiences.


What does your opinion on race have to do with this persons experience????? Were you there?

“I was with you until you pulled the race card” like who needed YOU to approve or disapprove his personal opinion on what HE experienced while interacting with this company? People kill me with this “race card” mess. What is that anyway? What does it do?

And if you never knew what it’s like to be in someone’s shoes that aren’t yours, how the heck would you KNOW? You just dismissed this guys whole complaint based on him saying “maybe it’s because I’m African American” without knowing what it’s like to be African American...RUDE! UNFORTUNATELY this is the world WE live in and OUR REAL LIFE EVERY DAY experiences! Do you THINK this is something we LIKE going through?

After we’re “supposed” to be treated equally but anyone with two eyes and a TV can see that’s not true. We have a whole nation and sports association torn because of racial inequality and a SILENT protest...Key word..Silent. So yea, it’s a possibility that way he looked COULD have something to do with it. It’s annoying....speaking from experience!

The FACTS of life for black people in America are that sometimes, and more often than not, we get looked over or mistreated just BECAUSE of something as STUPID as one not liking our skin color or prejudging us because of it. In ADDITION, some will get offended and often threatened if you appear to be smarter or more qualified than them. Sounds preposterous right? There are quite a few folks that still have a old south way of thinking and what’s crazy is, they weren’t even alive back then so why in this day and age is race STILL an issue?

Your comment says a lot about YOU and your ignorance about the history of the country you live in.

What he’s saying wasn’t to offend nor spark a racial debate so why point THAT out and dismiss it as if he just gave a wrong answer on JEOPARDY? Don’t EVER tell someone they’re pulling a “race card” because if there wasn’t a difference in they way races were treated....the dou$hebag term wouldn’t even exist!


Race Card!!! I am sick of people telling others to not state the obvious.

When you live in a society that constructs laws and ideas to treat you less than and to keep you in poverty, will you state the obvious? It is completely ok for others to point out the injustices towards them accept when it hits too close to your own secret ideology and behavior. Don’t ever tell people to not feel victimized. You do not walk in their shoes.

I see caucasians constantly complaining when they visit or live in a place where they are the minority, Japan , Hawaii? Nobody calls it the race card then huh?