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They never answer the phone,never reply to emails, never answer a direct question, ("I will run that by my manager") is always the response to any and all questions. The entire office is staffed by arrogant teenagers, who don't have a clue about the job they are hiring you for.

You are "Third Rate" in the pecking order when recruited by Aerotek. First is : Aerotek Quotas (that keep these arrogant teenagers employed). Second: is the actual company they are recruiting for( Honda R&D Ohio) who will pay Aerotek $70 per hr. and your rate is $15.

Third: You will have very little contact with Aerotek no matter how you may try to contact them, and you will be "laid off" and forgotten like a piece of trash.

My experience with Aerotek has been the most degrading and humiliating work experience of my entire career. Don't waste your talent with these unprofessional Head Hunters !!!!!!

Store Location: Marysville, Ohio

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Some of the "arrogant teenagers" that work there are people just like you that couldn't find a job and were desperate for money to support their families. They also hate the way staffing works and hate he quotas their managers set but have to do what they do to keep food on the table :/

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