I have been working with Aerotek for about a month now. In the beginning, I was a little frustrated with the company.

However, I have been working with Michael out of New Castle, and he has always been very helpful at answering my questions or concerns. I am disappointed that the company that they placed me with cannot hire me on for 6 months. I have worked with a few agencies throughout my life and I have never heard of a 6 month contract.

I know that the company wants to hire me on now, however they are not allowed to without paying a large fine. Other than this I believe that Aerotek is a decent company to utilize to find a career.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Store Location: Lewes, Delaware

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The scenario you described, 6 month waiting period, is beyond common. Having said that, don't be surprised when Aerotek pulls you off that assignment right before you hit the 6 month mark and puts another temp in that position. They are famous for that.


Yeah they try to pull that stunt on me with a contract for western global saying it was six months before I can go permanent but when they were going to hire me it was only supposed to be for 90 days contract they call back and change it to six months I told him to go screw them self


That "large fine" is not a fine at all. When the company hired you they agreed to pay Aerotek for your service for 6 months, if they want to take you full time the payment changes to an upfront payment as if THEY had chosen to take you full time right away. Which they had the option to do from the first.

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