I should be thankful. Really, I should, but this company has absolutely no compulsion about throwing a needy person away like a bag of rotten tangerines. Let me tell you what happened.

I was supposed to start work on July 23, 2018 for a client in Chino. My mother passed out and went to the hospital on July 4 and seemed like she was going to make a full recovery on July 17. unfortunately, the edema in her hands caused them to swell up badly and on Friday, just two and a half days before I was to start work, my mother suffered a fatal heart attack and I was told to say goodbye to her at 8 p.m. on Friday.

I told the people at my work that I was in bereavement, I told an Aerotek representative and one of the people that worked for the company I was with. Well, guess what? According to them you can't have someone die within 90 days of you starting work. They literally think you can control when a relative of yours dies!

Because of me having extreme difficulty focusing, I was unable to hold the job and let go after two days. I begged and pleaded but both Aerotek and the client seemed to think I could just shelve all of my sorrow and be able to prove myself, even though I talked to at least 25 people and ALL of them said they would not have been able to start a job right afterwards.

Why did I take the job? Because I had been checking in every week for 4 months continuously. If I said I couldn't start, I would be out of work until probably October or November at the earliest and I would have been homeless completely.

Aerotek does not understand in any way, shape or form how a person can honestly have a personal issue that takes precedence and certainly a little leeway could have gone a long way in getting me back on my feet.

Oh yeah, of the things that were quoted, half of them I didn't do.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

Preferred solution: Get me another office job in the Inland Empire in a timely manner.

Aerotek Pros: Clean office and great field office support group, Fairly agreeable staff.

Aerotek Cons: Stressful environment, Laziness, Unprofessionalism, No compassion, Uncaring.

Location: 4200 Concours St Suite 300, Ontario, CA 91764, USA

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You aren't the client company's employee. They don't know you or care.

Aerotek has to do what client requests, i.e. get this opening filled NOW.


A little compassion goes a long way during a time of loss.

@Steve H

Of course. But you aren't going to get it from a temp agency. You are just another warm body to them.

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