Denver, Colorado

im going to kind of go off some little things with a couple bigger problems.

when i applied for the position they did contact me the next day. i was told to come in for an interview. it wasnt so much as an interview, seeing as how to this day i have never met the guy i was supposed to interview with. they just threw me in a room with a few other people and did new hire paperwork. whatever, interviews suck anyway, right? i still found it to be unprofessional. do they seriously just hire anyone no questions asked??

after that i didnt hear from them for 2 weeks, which from talking to other people is about normal. then they wanted me to start THAT day, i agreed to start the next day. minor problem here, the address was nowhere near the zip from the job posting. when i added it up later i would have been spending about 200 a month on gas driving out there from my house. i opted to give the job a try regardless of this.

the day i showed up, it all slowly started to go wrong. i met with an aerotek guy to walk me in and show me around. right off the bat they throw me into a totally different job, which was in a warehouse. when i mentioned this wasnt what i had applied for the dude simply says, oh dont worry it still pays the same!

so whatever, i did it for a couple days, job sucked, hours were long. the big problem i was having is the management at this company was paying me little attention. i wasnt being trained for anything, i was just the temp. they would just send me to help one of their workers load trucks or clean all day or do busywork. not aeroteks fault exactly, i just felt like *** about the *** they got me into.

by the time i started my 2nd week i knew this just wasnt working at all. at first i thought i could stick it out and get hired on, since they started their guys at 16/hr vs aeroteks 10.5/hr i got. but like i said, i was working a totally dofferent job and theres no way i wanted it as a permanent career option. i was only using aerotek and their low pay to get my foot in the door.

i had started a thursday, i ended up with 20 hours that week. following week i recieve a paycheck for 16.97, payment for 1.75 hours of work. thats less than a dollar an hour and doesnt even pay for the gas i used driving out there.heres the big problem with aerotek. no one ever calls me back, i dont even know if the recruiter guy can or cares to fix it. the site they use to log hours has a tech support number listed:555-555-5555. which call me crazy but i dont think thats a real number hahaha. there is no number on the paperwork with the check either.

there should be one final check coming next week, im not sure if it will be corrected on that. not expecting it since its a new pay period, or if this one will even be right itself. all thats left i suppose is to call various aerotek numbers and see if i get anywhere, p.i.t.a.!! i did get one customer service number from this site i can try however!

the problem is the only log of hours is online, by me. the managers where i was working were never around when i showed up or left, so my word is the only real record of all the hours i worked. from what i have read with aerotek can be very bad news and will likely be out of luck. i would think things like this wouldnt be an issue, i thought if the company doesnt pay me aerotek doesnt get paid either, but i dont know who is the one short changing me here. i no longer have access to the hours i logged online.

long story short, from my experience these guys are a joke. if i get any positve updates i will be sure to come back and share.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $193.

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