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I been working for Aerotek temp service since October of 2011. The first year no time off at all with no paid Holidays or vacation days, second year, one week off with pay, still no vacation because it was used for Dr appointment and being sick at home, my third year another week off, temp services is the fleecing of America they can work us according to the 3rd world country and want us to be thankful for having a job, I am thankful and I like my job very much, but what good is a job if you can not take a day off from it. I wish America would go back to hiring people permanent with benefits, good jobs are going obsolete because you can't get a break even if you are doing a good job.

Store Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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Quit feeling sorry for yourself. There are a lot of jobs in the country that don't have paid holidays, paid vacations, or paid sick leave, or a lot of other paid time off.

The only job I ever had that had paid holidays, vacation, etc. was the few years that I taught school.

I am 73 years old and started working the summer of 1958. If you want a job with the perks you mentioned, you better get a professional job or an union job.

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