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I generally do not post complaints about a service online since I would rather resolve the issue with that individual or his/her superiors but cannot let this slide on the account of so many people like myself are dependent on the recruiter doing their due diligence to get them positioned with their next employer. I have dealt with Aerotek & Robert Half in the past and never received the most absolute poorest service from recruiter, D'Angelo Harris.

To make a long story short, I was well qualified for the position advised by this recruiter and seemed like a perfect fit according to my background experience. I was told that this employer was eager to hire and needed positions filled quickly and was assured Id be a priority to get my info on their desk sooner than later (approx. week). After no response to my phone calls and emails I finally get a response from the recruiter asking if I was still interested in the position ( of coarse I'm interested and ready to start) 3 weeks later, no interview.

After providing him letters of recommendation, I was able to get the interview (1 month later) and the recruiter sent me the information prior to the day of our meeting. Despite the poor experience, I was ready to forgive and forget since I now have the interview and I'm in control and all is RIGHT .....I was so WRONG... the recruiter did not put the building # of the office and my 20 minutes early turned out to be 30 minutes late since I had to ask bystanders and go to each building on that street for assistance to locate the interview whereabouts. I left messages for the recruiter with simple instructions ( provide the building #) and just as I expected, no guidance along with no answer to my simple request.

Interview went great and I apologized for arriving late and thanked them for taking the time out to meet with me. The recruiter called me back later that day with no apology due to the lack of information he provided and was concerned since I arrived late and did not start off on a good note with the employer ( as if its my fault) and than asks if I'm totally committed to landing my next career since he is 100% committed to my success. I could not believe what I was hearing and advised him this experience was not as I expected nor have I encountered with other recruiters. Lack of communication & guidance played a role and he needs to own up to these mishaps.

Despite the issues I let him know I was interested and ready to move forward with next steps for hire and was assured that I would get a call the next day....CALL NEVER CAME. 3 weeks later I'm left in limbo not knowing if he even spoke with the company. He also advised that I do not send a thank you letter/ email to the interviewer since it will bog up their busy schedule taking 3 minutes out of their day to read it. D'Angelo Harris does not represent Aerotek to the highest standard and paints a bad picture of the company due to his poor work ethic.

If I replicated his service at my prior job I would be fired or giving warning with a write up. Nobody deserves this type of experience especially if they are in transition from job to job and are soley relying on the guidance of their recruiter. Get your staff the proper training needed or simply look for the right candidate to represent your company.

I am blessed to have a career lined up and wish all the jobseekers luck in finding employment via Aerotek. Hopefully they will have a recruiter fully committed and makes it a priority to set them up for a successful interview.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Store Location: Alpharetta, Georgia

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Aerotek only hires fresh from college 22 year olds. Their recruiters have zero experience and many may never have even worked before.

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