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This place can be described in so many ways, none of them good. My personal experience with them is the third paragraph down.

To start, the Google reviews for Aerotek in Pittsburgh, PA are from friends of people who are working there, it's so shady and sad that these young people have to get their friends to write good reviews. If you are an "older person", meaning above 30 or heaven forbid even older OMG! (sarcasm), the employees make fun of those people and have 'friendly bets' on how much they can get away with. Their saying is "If they're desperate enough to come here they're desperate enough to take whatever we say or do to them if they want a job".

It's how they amuse themselves through their "boring" job. Very immature, completely unprofessional, totally disrespectful. My personal experience there left me in awe. They were telling me complete lies about a position thinking I was totally unaware of what they were doing.

I just so happen knew the company that hired them to find someone for the position and knew everything about the position since I had done it for years for another company. I had no intention on going for that position because I knew the company and it had a very bad reputation, a well deserved reputation. When the girls first mentioned it to me I said "No thank you, that's not the position I applied for anyway". They said ok and we proceeded through all the paper work and test.

After I went through all that they both came in again and without even looking at my test began pushing that same job I already said I did not apply to and did not want. To try and keep this as short as possible, it came down to them telling me the only position they had available for me was the one I did not want. Even though the position I actually applied for I had all the experience and more and the job they were INSISTING I take I only had about half of the experience. I wrote an email to Aerotek Corporate explaining all the long details, of course that went just about nowhere but it did get me a phone call at 7:30 am from one of the girls who I had the displeasure of dealing with that day and she left me a nasty voicemail.

Again I contacted Aerotek Corporate and told them they needed to listen to the voicemail, they did not want to listen to it, I was not surprised. So I showed Aerotek and their half-witted employees how I am smarter than they are. It's pretty simple to do a little research and find out who the company is that hired Aerotek for a position, you know how these hiring agencies will not tell you who the company is until they get a "yes" from you. The position I ACTUALLY APPLIED FOR I did a little research on and found out who the company was.

I went there in person to ask about the position. The company informed me they were under contract with Aerotek and I had to go through them. I explained I did go there and explained quickly how that went. The head of Human Resources of the company took me in, reviewed my resume, asked me a bunch of questions, called in the Manager who was in charge of that available position, they both interviewed me on the spot.

They gave me the job, IN WRITING, right then and there but said they just had to wait another 2 weeks to bring me in because it would go against the contract they had with Aerotek but that contract ended in 2 weeks. They brought me in a week early under a different job title so I could train on how they do things. I also got the pleasure of reading the email this company sent to Aerotek in Pittsburgh and Aerotek Corporate since the company contacted these girls at Aerotek, one was the Supervisor and the other was an interviewer, asking if they had come across ANYONE with the skills and experience they needed for this position and both girls told them no. The company followed up on the email letting them know I came in, in person, because of the treatment I received at Aerotek and they not only lied to me saying the position was no longer available but also lied to them, the company who hired them and I now work for, about finding someone.

It was sweet. Not sure if both those girls got fired or not, I like to think they were. If not, at least their lies and games got them in hot water with my company and a bad name on how they do things.

My company still refuses to use Aerotek, they went with another hiring agency and I was able to get two people I knew personally who needed jobs in positions with this company through this other hiring agency. Sometimes, no often, things work out and people like those two girls at Aerotek get shown experience and intelligence beats youth every time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruitment.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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