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I applied to a job and met with a recruiter same week. Since than I have not heard from them again.

I keep applying to jobs but never get contacted. I try emailing and calling but I get no response or get a voicemail. They do not return my emails or phone calls. Then one day after a month I get a call from a recruiter asking if I was still interested in a position.

I said I applied two weeks ago and you calling me now. She apologized and said she would email the details next day. Did not happen. The recruiters keep sending me jobs that I might be interested in and I always respond.

I never hear from them still. Very unprofessional company. I decided to go to JobGiraffe and they found me a job in one week!!?

Areotek sucks! They do not deserve to be a recruiting agency.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Aerotek Cons: Lack of follow up, Unprofessionalism, Any of it.

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Aerotek has a poor reputation. They are notorious for hiring fresh college graduates with zero recruiting experience and often no work experience at all.

I would never depend on some 22 year kid to help me achieve any professional goals. You are better off finding your own job.

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