On several occasions I was contacted by Aerotek for jobs. With discussing qualifications, experience and education on resume surpassed what was required.

According to Aerotek protocol, a recruiter and applicant must meet. With all of my letters (so to speak) dotted and crossed, we met. I noticed a change in Aerotek's attitude and demeanor while meeting face to face. This has happened on several occasions.

My question is if I look good on paper why don't I look good in person?

is it because I'm an educated African American? this leaves a question mark in my mind yet to be answered by Aerotek...

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Store Location: Elkridge, Maryland

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To edow45

You are sooooooo right. I am a caramel-colored African-American woman.

This happened to me just yesterday. The Recruiting Specialist reviewed my resume and said I was a perfect fit for the job and my qualifications were excellent. He asked when could I come in for an interview and I told him that day (today) would be great if he was available. He asked is 1PM good for me and I said yes.

I arrived the customary 15 minutes before the interview. Needless to say, that after he saw me,face-to-face, he immediately changed his tune and even said that the job was only temp-to-hire and he could not guarantee me that it would turn into a permanent position. This is NOT what he told me over the phone. He stated that it was a full-time, regular, direct hire position.

All I can say is no matter what my qualifications were,he was not going to send me on to the company for an interview. DISCRIMINATION AND PREJUDICE IS ALIVE AND WELL IN THESE GOOD OL' UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!NOTHING CHANGES...



We're sorry to hear about this experience as this is not the level of service that we strive for with each and every person that we work with.

If you have a moment, please email servicecomplaint@aerotek.com with details regarding this incident so that we can follow up through the proper channels.

Thank you,

Adam - Aerotek Online Customer Care


Any job is worth my valuable time. And willing to give that job 110 percent.

most companies 9 times out of 10 there will be a positive outcome after a meetingin most cases. Aerotek is 0 out of 10 is not acceptable.

I don't understand where you come from but where I come from

if there is a negative at interviews then why call back so many times? is this to justify a position and a paycheck


Maybe you are bad at interviews. Maybe they dont feel the jobs are worth your valuable time.


I have decided to opt out on all of Aerotek's claimed opportunities. Its a waste of my valuable time, experience and financial capabilities.

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