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I worked as a Recruiter for a year and a half, under a new AM and a new territory. I had struggles in the beginning, but at the 10 month mark I was at 7k in spread, and growing. Then at the beginning of the new year, 80% of my contractors were converted to perm... I was very happy about that, because those were all promises that I gave them when they went to work..

However, because of this my spread dropped to 2500 almost overnight and almost immediately put on a performance plan (where I had to grow 4k in spread in 8 weeks) Because it was the new year, and business is slow at that time, there was not even 4k in opportunities for me, and after 6 weeks they let me go..

I was not upset either when this happened, because I had started looking elsewhere for work, and when those interviews came, all I heard from HR Managers was all the bad things they've heard about Aerotek, and that a year and a half there is on the long end from former recruiters that they know. (Side note, I was offered a new position 4 weeks later, closer to home, better pay, and less hours for the hat trick)

Aerotek is a Bro-Heavy, let's talk about how great we are company. You not only have to compete against other recruiters at other agencies, but the people you sit next to. If you are polite, and believe that there is a certain code of conduct that you should follow, YOU WILL NOT LAST. Each week, recruiters are held to a MINIMUM of 40 Phone Interviews, 15 Internal Interviews, reference checks and applications that you uploaded... On more than one occasion, I uploaded someone's resume, and added them to my call sheet (which all employee's can see) and maybe went to grab a cup of coffee. When I returned, someone else called them..

The management spends so much time trying to brainwash you into the company culture, that is like a cult. Their new big push is "patriot or mercenary"

What you're saying about AM's and not wanting to submit resumes is absolutely true. On numerous occasions, I presented candidates who were not only matching the experience, but one's you could tell were good people, only to have an AM fight back right away. Meanwhile, some senior recruiter or ARM walks over with a iffy candidate, and the AM submitting their's right away.

Much of the culture they preach is that you put the work in now, and enjoy life later, which is foolish. If you have no life now, it will not lead to a life to enjoy later. You are not only judged if you leave before 6, but also openly called out by management. When you interview, they say 8-5:30, but sometimes need to work a little longer. They don't tell you that 8 is the morning meeting, so you need to be there by at least 7:30 so you can meet with your AM before the office meeting. But you need to check the online applications and alerts, so you really need to be here at 7... What's more, working longer really means, you're at the office until AT LEAST 6:30, especially if you're in the Commercial Division.

This leads me to my next point. They micro-manage everything you do there... You have to meet with your manager at 7:30 each day to go over what you're doing (this is an understandable meeting, I wouldn't change that) But then at 8 you meet with your entire office, to go over where EVERY open position stands (because you know, someone who recruits accountants needs to know how the Machinist opening is going.) Then at 3:30 you meet as an entire office to give updates of the openings.. Then before you leave (by that I mean before the AM leaves, and you are still in the office for at least an addition 45 minutes) you meet with your manager again to go over the day, and talk about what you're going to do the next day.

I would not recommend this company to anyone who really wants to enjoy their work, and have a life as well. You'll see reviews where current employees say "if you're looking for an 8-5 job, this isn't it" That is what employees do (I heard this every day from a lot of the senior recruiters and almost all managers) anyone who leaves Aerotek, does it because they couldn't *** it, or that they needed "a less pressure" job. They bully you to try to stay, and if they think you're going to leave, they fire you before you can resign (This happened 3 times in 2 weeks in my office)

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I'm in the same situation right now and am trying to leave and find a new job. Everything you said is correct!

I feel so bad reading about all the candidates that have had negative experiences. A lot of the openings we have fall through or the client says that they no longer need our services, and the account manager tells us to just forget the candidate and not call them :/

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