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After applying for a job, I was asked to come in for an interview and a test. After coming in, I never heard again from the recruiter even though right after the test, the recruiter told me that I only had one wrong answer on the test and that she needed to send the results in and will let me know if the hiring company wanted to interview me.

She never got back to me, no even after sending her a follow-up email ten days later and a voicemail five days after the email — a total waste of my time.

I am sure that that is the norm in that place since they don't have an area on their website for the recruiters to be review or experiences with the company to be shared. I'm sure that they don't care, that they know people are going to keep coming to apply and they will continue to throw people at a job until someone sticks.

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I am having the same issue they sent me to a job that was soppose to be little to no overtime. When I called and tried to put my notice in..

nobody called me back, and when they did I was told overtime was not mandortory. But when I missed 2 days of overtime I was fired

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