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I was living in CA.2006. The market was dropping,companies laying off.

Aerotek gave me an assignment in a mortgage company, in Costa Mesa, Ca. After training my team was put on varies teams. I didn't get a desk. I had to take some ones chair that went to lunch.

Then they found me one, i sat with someone at their desk. Next day i had a broken chair. I called Aerotek. I explained, then i got a chair and a desk.

this took several days. I still had no computer. At lunch i called Aeroteck, a little shaken up. Asked me to go back they will straighten things out.

I was not assigned a team, just sat there watching trying and listening to every one else,and listening to every one else,to figure things out.Days had pasted and now i called again, after i went in the next day, and the same thing, and he told me to go back, by now I'm crying begging, and he letting me know I'm abandoning the job, i told him how i was downsized and needed the money. I just could not go back and said i was sorry crying people looking at me.

Back to Arizona i went to regroup, cost of living less expensive and had family there.Time pasted still problems getting a job. Contracting now and then.

2012 i forgot about all that, and in my job search i sent out many resumes. Aerotek called about my resume they saw. I was happy, she was explaining the job, and asked me to hold. A man came on the line and asked if i remembered what happened in CA.

I was so confused, then reminded how i left the company. When i started to recall i became so confused how he after reminding me was on the phone, and told me i could not work for then that after i remembered what happened and how did he know it was me? I didn't do anything wrong? I started to shake and blank out mentally.

It was all so confusing.

So now that I'm looking for jobs i still shake when i see Aerotek 's name, and scared, as to how he found me? why was he doing this? is this a threat? should i be still scared?


Why? I have nightmares

Store Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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I wouldn't be scared. I'm a recruiter at aerotek and know that before we move forward with someone we look them up in our database.

In the database there are tons of notes about what you are looking for, your skills, assignments you've been on with us, and how you ended them. There was probably a DNU note in there (do not use). When we see that note we either skip the candidate or contact the recruiter who put the note in the system to find out what happened.

He is definitely not a threat to you but there's probably a note in the system that isn't good about how you ended your assignment :/ I would try just looking for work on your own. Aerotek is not the most ethical company, and I'm currently trying to find a new job.

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