I have been seeking employment as a pharmacy technician. Twice I responded to ads placed by the company for temporary employees.

I thought I met the basic requirements for the positions. I have the proper training and am certified as a pharmacy tech. Although I went to Aerotek's office to interview with one of the recruiters, I never heard anything after that. On one occasion, I was given a typing test and passed it.

I was told by the person who administered the test that I did well enough to meet the requirements for the job. Then a few days later I was told that I did not have enough recent experience for the job, but I think that was just an excuse. I feel that the so-called recruiters don't have any concept of who will be a good fit for the positions they are trying to fill. Maybe they want lousy workers so they can keep filling the positions over and over.

Who knows? Anyway, I am just disgusted in general by the way that temporary agencies, not just Aerotek, have taken over the hiring process at least for pharmacy tech jobs. Don't companies hire their own workers anymore? Why does it have to be done through a middleman such as Aerotek?

I feel like these agencies place a large number of workers in temporary positions but there is no guarantee of permanent employment, even if your performance is good or excellent.

Companies, wake up already! Do your own hiring!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

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I agree. I am a recruiter for Aerotek and a few of our clients choose us to hire for them to keep their permanent staff under a certain amount because of obamacare. Once you employ a certain number of people you need to provide insurance, which a lot of companies don't want to be responsible for.


Aerotek seems to hire just young, fresh out of college kids to do their recruiting. So, I agree, most probably don't really have a good concept of what is a qualified fit.

As far as you not getting hired for the 2 jobs, you may well be qualified, but you have to consider that there in most likelihood, is a ton of other applicants as qualified or better qualified Would Aerotek deliberately send *** workers to their clients? Absolutely not, that would be career suicide, they would lose the contracts. Companies use 3rd parties like Aerotek to handle the hiring process so they don't have to. It's cheaper and easier and they won't have to pay benefits, provide raises or promotions.

They can easily let temps go, when they want. They don't have worry about workers comp and payroll because you are an employee of the staffing agency, and not them.

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