I've been trying for months to get on with them and worked for them in the past with no issues.the don't call you back,they bs you,they are stuck up,snooty and prissy as#$ people who have no clue what its like to find a job or getting their hands dirty,godforebid.I don't appreciate being given the runaround.the girl I talked to called me about a job I replied to on craigslist and never heard anymore about it come to find out, she had already filled the positions to people already current, which I am,she should be fired!!;;

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Don't count on one agency to find you a job. You need to sign up with several and most importantly, you need to be searching for a job on your own.

These agencies are bombarded with resumes and applications, they cannot find every single person who applies with them a job,. That would be impossible. Also, you need to remember that when you spot a job posting and apply, feeling you are more than qualified, chances are they have about 200 other applicants who feel the same way.

An agency's main priority is not finding you a job. Their main priority is to obtain as many client companies as possible and keep the ones they have as satisfied as possible.

This is because it is the clients that pay them. Placing you in a job is secondary.

An agency's allegiance is with their clients, not with their candidates. They can always find qualified candidates, but clients are harder to come by!


Nice post, they are like that . Not sure the nuts and bolts of there operation.

But a lot temp comp post mass amount of jobs and when you are more then qualified for they *** you around .

*** its money down the crapper every time you go running around for temp comp.

Run from Personal Source In Vancouver wa.


They don't know their own as%$# from *** in the ground


helpful hints

never tell one agency that your with another agency especially for the same position

always apply directly to the company not on craiglist

and always ask questions before you apply and give your information

ask questions like, who is the client, agencies dont like to say because you could apply directly yourself


They never listed who the employer was nor was working for another agency


Most agencies will NOT reveal who their client companies are because they do not want people to bypass them and apply directly and they do not want other agencies going behind their back, trying to take their clients from them.

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