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Not responding to emails

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Hi, good morning! I have been emailing out to the contacts that I have for this company to verify an invoice we have received.

I never get responses back from any employee.

I have had many other issues with invoices in the past that I emailed out to every email address that I can find for your company. Occasionally I receive a message back saying that they are working on it, but then I don't hear back again.

Thank you and have a great day!

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Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered

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Aerotek likes to hire just 22 year olds whose only previous job experience may have been at a Cracker Barrel. These people are young and often dumb.

map-marker Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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I was misled to the terms on my employment the hours and days furthermore there was nothing mentioned about traveling

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User's recommendation: Go with other agencies

Beverly F Hsf

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My email and phone number has changed

I am currently looking for my W-2 thank you so much. I work for the Washington hospital from June or July to September 2023 I'm looking for my w2's about taxes

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Marcellus Rar
map-marker Cleveland, Tennessee

W2 info

I have been trying to call for 3 weeks and I went to the facility and set for almost 3 hours outside the door during business hours no one is even trying to help me the workers came out locked the door at close and told me they didn't work there this company is sorry all I need is a little help accessing my paparles W2wou

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Matt T Oam

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Horrible recruiter!

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The Recruiter I was assigned named Rob S in Chattanooga was horrible he would not help me with an issue I had at my employer resulting in me being terminated if this is your recruiter be very careful because he will not fight for you or stand by your side, he will agree with the employer and throw you under the bus in a heart beat. He is just nice at the beginning because he wants that commission money, after that you are screwed because he could careless.

They can argue all day long and say otherwise, but I have the proof to prove that Aerotek is garbage.

Stay away from these staffing places, they are just there to make money off you. Places like them are the reason the country is in the shape it is.

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Preferred solution: A job.

User's recommendation: Do Not Trust Them


Aerotek can afford to lose you. You are replaceable.

They can't afford to lose their client. No staffing agency will ever side with their temp worker over their paying client.


I have never bothered with Aerotek. Their business model is to hire fresh from college 22 year old who previous job experience may have just been working at Applebee's. That is not to say that a 22 year old with no experience cannot be effective at their job, but it seems like Aerotek will refuse to hire someone older and experienced and that is just wrong to me.

Daniel m Zug

Call me

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Marvell J Bsr
map-marker Doylestown, Pennsylvania

I haven't received my w2

Can't get my w2 because you have not fixed my social security number and said you did back in September of last year and didn't now I can't get my taxes done on time

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map-marker Florence, Kentucky


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Absolutely do not work with these people. Since February 2023, they have shorted me 18 hours of overtime and 18 hours of regular pay. THEY WILL STEAL FROM YOU.

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Jimmy T Qfl

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| map-marker Houston, Texas

Aerotek Does Not Uphold EEOC Rights For African American Contract Employees

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Updated by user Feb 26, 2022

I really think the people of the United States need to pay attention to what I have written so that they can know and understand how Black African Americans such as myself are treated in the workplace in the city and state of Houston Texas.

Original review Feb 26, 2022
If Mr Preston Davis were still with Aerotek I would give Aerotek A 5 star rating. Because he was the glue that held the Aerotek office on Main St together.

Miles is an Egotistical character in the office and thinks that owns the right to turn his nose up at African Americans. Ms Jordan is the same exact way. This is for any person seeking employment with Aerotek Staffing Agency.
My experience with Aerotek was an insulting one. And here's why:
The last job assignment I had with Aerotek was at SBM Life Science.

Everything started out just fine, until the male Latino individuals started acting prejudice towards me in and away from the workplace. Some of the Latino females found me to be very attractive because of my build, how I look, and because of how I carried myself as a kind and respectful person.
After pulling up to work looking nice and driving a nice vehicle. All the line leads at SBM LIFE SCIENCE we're for the most part Hispanic. If you didn't know this; Male Hispanics don't like to see the women of their race group talking to or mingling with Black African American men.

They began singling me out and creating a hostile work environment around me in an attempt to sabotage my employment with SBM Life Science. The first person that started making problems for me in the workplace was a Hispanic line lead. And after going to him respectfully, to resolve whatever the issue was that he had with me; prior to him attempting to intimidate and clown me in the workplace and around his posse of homeboys that worked on both 1st and 2nd shift, he left me no other choice but report him to management.
Another incident occurred that same day on break when one of his homeboys came out and approached me at my truck and asked me for a cigarette. When I give him one he was checking out my ride and paid me a compliment on how nice my vehicle looked.

Then he asked me if I wanted to sell it. I told him no and he got upset. How I knew he was upset was because he started telling me things like he was a Latin King and that I should be careful out here in Pasadena Texas cause it be a lot of car jackings in the area. Plus when he said it, he had a mean mug with a smirk ish grin on his face.

As I took notice of his bullish demeanor, he appeared to be trying to size me up. So I said let me stop you before you get started. I said first of all I don't know you and you don't know me. Secondly I am sensing a negative vibe in your tone, but I'm not move by your inappropriate behavior, and three you can sell that smack to some people but ain't selling it to me.

I then asked him what it was that he was trying to say. So I told him further that since he I didn't appreciate the way he was coming to me that he needed to go find him some kids to play with. So he went back to some of he homeboys and to the other Hispanic line leads and told them what I had said to him. This all took place in the first week I was with SBM Life Science.
Over the next couple of weeks there I noticed that the first line lead was moved to the 1st shift but a hand full of his homeboys had come to second shift.

They would mug me and then huddle in groups talking in Spanish. Around a week after encountering these individuals conduct one of those Hispanic individuals over the Easter weekend blew past me at about 100 mph in school zone with no headlights on as I was getting over into my left hand lane to stop at the store to get gas. As I seen and heard him coming up behind me at full speed I hurried to swerve back into my right hand lane trying not to tare up my truck. As he blew past me I slammed on my brakes as I swerved back into the left lane, hit the curve and broke the power steering rakapinion on my truck.

So instead of stopping I did manage to catch up with the Hispanic individual and took a picture of his license plate number; NPR-1508. I called the police and did a report, then called Aerotek and reported the incident to Ms Jordan. And upon returning back to work that Monday I reported the incident to the Manager Dominique and to HR Generalist Jacob Hindmen. My complaint fell on death ears.

Then when the workplace harassment continued after filing multiple complaints to all the above mentioned, I was wrongfully terminated from SBM Life Science for defending myself. Now Aerotek won't hire me to work on anymore job assignments. They chose to defimate my character instead of upholding my constitutional rights as a contrac employee.

So now you know my story. I had to pay a total of $2200.00 to repair the racapinion and front right and left struts.
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  • Will find you work
  • Stressful environment

Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: I would recommend looking for another staffing agency


That sounds like some prison yard BS! Why cant adults just go to work, do their jobs, mind their business and leave others alone?! Is there a local troubleshooter news station you can contact?


Wow! That is just crazy! Those people sound mentally unhinged.

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Erik M Whm

I received my w2

I got my w2 but it says I still live in Wisconsin and I haven't lived there since October 2019 and I've been trying to get the problem fixed for months now and keep getting the run around

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User's recommendation: Don't go through aerotek for a job

map-marker Virginia Beach, Virginia

Worker compensation pay did not get it

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Usually get paid on Wednesday but a month ago they told me I get paid on friday but I was still getting paid on Wednesday now have to wait maybe 3 days to get paid now what am I going to tell my bill collectors

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map-marker Louisville, Kentucky

Professional manner

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I have a problem with aerotek. I called and talked to woman at desk.

She said she would transfer me to Troy He was not in and I left a message. Several days later I called again and she said she would switch me to someone else. Same results. Not available and did not return call.

Stay away from unprofessional businesses like this. D-

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Terrance W Pah
map-marker Medina, Minnesota

Wanna file a complaint

Terminated without warning and wrongly and no justification no email explanation text call or anything over and interaction with a recruiter and me over my hours. It was very minor and didnt know I was going to be terminated because it was an employee a little bothered that I was told no one could help me

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Preferred solution: Just my job back

map-marker Raleigh, North Carolina

I currently work for Aerotek and came here looking for answers

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I understand that we are in a pandemic and many, like myself have lost their jobs due to such circumstances. With that being said, it seemed like Aerotek was a good choice because I needed something that was willing to pay enough for survival and had reasonable hours.

So far, my experience has been pretty awkward. I've been placed on multiple jobs that seemed extremely sketchy and were NEVER organized like a normal company. It almost seemed as if someone created the company overnight and was like, "Let's test this out!". Yes, they paid well, but as soon as you weren't needed anymore or work slowed down you were let go along with anyone else from a temp agency.

Sadly, you would have to go off of instinct because neither the company nor Aerotek would give you any forewarning. Each time a new job starts you have 0 contact with the actual employers; therefore, any negative or positive feedback typically comes from your project manager which there is most likely a time gap in between when you get the message and when it happens. So that affects your work directly. Let's not forget the lack of information.

Since you don't have direct contact with the employer, you can see how this can be a problem if something goes wrong. Which it has before. With not knowing who to reach out to and your project manager refusing to pick up the phone, you're just left out dry. Often times what happens is the company says "you did this" to Aerotek, but with no one to message, email, or call all you can do is explain the situation to your project manager whenever they decide to call you back.

The current job I've been given said I would get paid a certain amount, but I ended up getting paid $1 less. On top of that, this job seems equally as random and unorganized as the last. They wouldn't even tell you what you were doing for the 1st month and now that I am slightly established, I see that this may be another make shift company with multiple different names. So I am worried.

The thing is I apply for temp-to-hire full time jobs. The fact that none of them have never quite made it to six months is crazy. Also, the scariest part is the companies that they're going for. Subpar to say the least.

Pay well, but not for long because they were created in a short time span it seems. Oh yeah, & I got hacked by the first job I ever got from them where I had to use my own computer to download the company's "software"...lets never forget that.

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User's recommendation: Aerotek is a temporary solution, never long term. Try to get in contact with the employer. Skip aerotek if possible

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Aerotek apparently has a business model of hiring straight from college 22 year olds. If you are a seasoned, professional recruiter, I have been told to forget about even trying to be a recruiter with them. I wouldn't trust Aerotek with my career.

map-marker Denver, Colorado

Non payment of pay

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They put people out in sub-zero conditions, hundreds of miles from home. Then they strand them, without paying. *** COMPANY.

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  • How they lie
  • Unprofessionalism
  • Flat out dishonesty

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

User's recommendation: Avoid these THIEVES

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Rohith Idw

Been waiting on my pay all week and today is New Year’s Eve ,and still haven’t got paid pay this is ridiculous ..I can’t get an answer from Nobody at the office

hudson a
map-marker New York, New York

Worked and have not gotten paid

worked and have not gotten paid for 3 weeks now , and it's very difficult to get a positive response from the company . just very much disappointed , especially when you have bills racking up and you are not employed.

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Philomena Z

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| map-marker Houston, Texas

Aerotek really helped me out when I needed help.

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full

I am so grateful to Aerotek helping me get a job. I was looking for work for a long time I could not find what I was looking for.. Aerotek found my resume online contacted me and helped me find exactly what I wanted

I am so grateful to them.

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User's recommendation: I will definitely recommend this company


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Aerotek was founded in 1983 as a company which provided technically skilled people for engineering and aerospace industries. Today the company is a member of Allegis group which is one of the world's largest privately owned staffing companies. Aerotek has more than 150 offices all over the globe in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico as well as in some European countries. The company has divisions specializing in different industries: automotive, aviation, energy services, performance resources, Aerotek scientific and others. Aerotek is an invaluable source for both those who want to recruit skilful people and look for a job. On their website you can place your resume, read the latest news and articles on employment and check Aerotek events calendar.

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