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Aerotek Recruiter Review

Aerotek (Providence, RI) was a total waste of time. They discriminate and look down upon you. There is no Equal employment opportunity with this company. The recruiter (Marc "Alex" Miller) had no experience in recruiting, rushed the interview, asked questions by literally reading word by word off his notepad, & when I tried to answer and got only 3 words out because he cuts me off making it seems as if i can not answer the *** question. He's ignorant and totally discriminated when he said "Usually we don't particularly like people with a medical background." Me having a medical background does not affect my abilities or performance for a call center/customer service job. I have had over 10 years experience is customer service and call center, but because I decided to go back to school for a degree in medical, I am not allowed to get a customer service job? As a recruiter, he discriminated and was very unprofessional!
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Worked 3 months for Aerotek, when on a Sunday aerotek *** Rocco Giusti called and said that ANVIL International was cutting back and that I was being laid off. When I asked about my tools, he said he would call back. He did and informed me that ANVIL did not want me in...
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Aerotek Sucks specifically Alicia Dambroosco. I fired her and got a job with Randstad the next day for more money than aerotek was offering. Areotek Huh advertising on Faceboo...

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