I met Mr. Barish at a job fair at a local community college. I am an electrician and a very big company was hiring and holding their own job fair the next day. Aerotek was not representing this company. But Mr. Barish said he had an in and would get me an interview. He scheduled a meeting between us during this big company's job fair, and told me not to attend; he would take care of things.

A few weeks passed and I had not heard anything. Upon several attempts to contact Mr. Barish he was never available. However, the first time my girlfriend attempted to call him, he answered, then denied all of the "advice" he had given me. He told her his company was no longer representing this other company, that they were now handling their own applications (obvious by the fact that they had held their own job fair!).

I missed a golden opportunity to apply with this company. Though I have sent my resume to them several times, I know I am just going into a pile, that they were considering all of the pre-screen applicants who attended that job fair. Who showed interest. I credit Mr. Barish at messing this up for me. And while I have complained to the company, I have not heard back and I know he still works there. It is apparent to me that he saw his own golden opportunity to cash in on a commission by selling me to this company. Only they weren't interested. If you use this job agency, please request that Scott Barish not assist you.

Store Location: Los Angeles, California

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Susan Hostettler is a rabid Aerotek employee. She is paid by Aerotek to write positive reviews of Aerotek and derogatory messages to people who have been treated unethically by Aerotek. Do no trust anything she says!


I find it interesting that you are quick to use this recruiter's full name, but fail to provide your own. Your comment, "he saw his golden opportunity to cash in on a commission by selling me to this company, only they weren't interested" is also telling.

I assume by "they" you mean the third party company. Why weren't they interested? I doubt it has to do with Mr.

Barish's lack of effort, since as you so clearly pointed out: he works on commission. Sounds like you got screened out for whatever reason (lack of professionalism?) and you're looking for someone to blame.

Finally, if a potential employee had their girlfriend/wife/mother call my company to ask about job opportunities on their behalf, they would immediately have their name removed from consideration.

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