Detroit, Michigan

If Aerotek calls, don't answer the phone...I wish I didn't. So they "hooked me up" with a temp job that would go for "9 months" then I would be hired full time. I move 1000 mile away from home, get a year long apartment lease. Turns out Aerotek lied and the company only wanted temp work for three months with zero chance of hiring full time. I get let go the week before Xmas.

I will scream if one more Aerotek recruiter calls me up and asks if I have any friends that are looking for jobs so they can "hook them up"

Moral of the story: Stay away from Aerotek! TOO THEM YOU ARE NOT A HUMAN BEING BUT A COMMODITY

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Never got paid for the time I worked every time I called it hasn't been processed yet. It has been three weeks now ...

Where is my paycheck :( :cry I will tell everyone Don't work for this SLUMS..... What makes it so bad they laugh in your face as though it is Funny.


Never got paid on time here in Davenport, Iowa either. They either say its the post office fault. Come on this company can not get away with this.