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I started at a certain company that I always wanted to work for. Needless to say I received a started day of June 10, 2013 or something like that but the when I got their was told that I was on a back up list because my background check came back late.

So then my next date was July 24, 2013 so how the company works its that if your on a back up list they have to clear you out of the system and create a new employee id. With all that said from my first start day I have had nothing but problems for the company that I was assigned to and Aerotek. So first things first they had my last name spelled incorrectly and that never got fixed the whole time that I was their not I did like working there but I really like the employees so I the training was five weeks in the classroom and one week on the job training so everyone in the class had access to the programs and I didn't so which meant I had to work with someone now I did catch on to the work fast so I would help out in the class then when I got on the floor still had no access until the 6th week out of on the job training. So I would ask about my stats and I was doing and asked for a one one because I could not check my stats to see what I was doing wrong and correct I was told that they have to put me in the system to get recorded now could check how may calls I made and the amount of faxes I did in and hours the little that I could check was good I was as 10 faxes an hour.

Then I was doing overtime getting paid weekly I was doing between 65-75 hours of overtime. My weekly checks would be about 1,500 a week. Then I started for every 5 hours of ot you will receive and extra 25 dollars on your checks. So then I started having problem with my fieldglass getting approved we had a rep that has an office on this site and I had asked him about my check he kept saying he would check into it but he never did anything and I would ask over and over so I called aerotek and spoke with the person over payroll and I guess that he didn't like that at all but I needed my money and didn't work for free.

now mind you I did ask my sup and other sups to pull my stats but I kept hearing the same thing I have to be put the system to get recorded now I have never had a warning never had a coaching none that and I only missed 2 days out of the 5 months that I was their and on November 7, 2013 the day I called off at 8:30 I get a call from aerotek saying that the company no longer needed me. said that he would call me one day next week so we can meet and turn in my badge he never called I have applied for jobs called my recruiter emailed called and no returned calls at all now they don't want me to get my ot

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

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I was offered a position for a project for Lowe's at Archway in Rogers, MN. My recruiter (Sam Harrower) told me the first start date was Wednesday, May 21st.

I arrived at Archway Marketing in Rogers 30 minutes early to meet with the recruiter onsite. It turns out there wasn't enough security badges made for all of us to start. We got sent home (more time wasted). Next day I receive a call from Sam apologizing for not letting me know ahead of time, and that he would buy me lunch the next week (another broken promise).

So, he promised me another start date the following Tuesday, May 27th. I arrived early, got my security badge and we walked over to the second building. The process went well, they brought us to our work stations and we got setup for the day. Two fifteen minute breaks and a 30-minute non-paid break at noon, not so bad.

Shift ends at 3:30pm, an hour later I received a call from Sam H. to not show up the next day. This company is very dis organized and I will never work for them again. Sam Harrower will forget to return your calls.

Please do yourself a favor, do not deal with Aerotek located Maple Grove, MN. They will waste your time and gas!!