The Aerotek employees at the Mendota Heights, Mn branch are very unreliable. The front desk phone always went to voicemail. I contacted Mn Unemployment once I was let go for no good reason by Blue Cross and Aerotek and they wanted to know why my employer Aerotek did not place me in another assignment after my contract ended. I was told by Aeroteks employee relations department that after someones contract ends they are considered terminated by Aerotek. I reached out to Aerotek while I was on my assignment and told them I wanted assistance in finding another assignment before my contract ended. One of the on premise managers on the Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota project told me just do your job contract may extend. My main Aerotek point of contact who was going to help me with opportunities once my contract ended was fired or quit the job this left me without a recruiter from Aerotek. Poor communication from the on premise managers while on assignments. One of the Aerotek Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota on premise managers lied to employee relations and said he did have a one on one meeting with me when actually the meeting never happened. It's really scary that they can lie to make themselves look good. My contract ended weeks earlier than the expected end date without notice. Just a week before my assignment ended I was given a schedule to work the entire following month which meant they extended me another month the pieces of my termination just did not fit. I believe that the Blue Cross and Blue Shield operations manager gave the word to terminate my contract because he did not like me and Aerotek just ran with the decision. I still had co workers who relied on me being at that assignment. I was stabbed in the back by both Aerotek and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota as they told me days before my termination they told me I was doing well. I also believe that the billing department which I worked in was less cared for and mismanaged because it consisted of more minority employees. A lot of African Americans got let go first. I myself am a minority. Just sad to see Aerotek supporting this. I was left in the dust after my assignment ended. Never in my life had I talk to people who became so cold after all the good work I put in for them. We are making them money at the end of the day yet they turn the cold shoulder on us.

Also one time they double charged my vision benefits because they claim they did not take enough out from the previous paycheck.

Most temp staffing agencies are pretty similar in terms of how they treat their employees. Most of it not so good. I think a lot of the recruiters and on premise managers just want to boost their ego at the end of the day. No wonder there are high turn over for recruiters that work for these staffing companies. Also a lot of these companies like to throw the right to hire right to fire thing at our faces when no one really understands the word "right"

No notice for release of contract is given a head of time so have money saved in the bank for when the time comes.

My advice be proactive start looking for work as soon as your contract is going to end do not rely on this company Aerotek to find you work before your assignment ends.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruitment.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Aerotek Cons: Dishonesty, Lack of communication.

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