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An employee of this agency told me he had a position for me and to meet for lunch. I left my current for a long lunch only to find out he had no job for me, and merely wanted to get gossip on my current company which was obviously not doing so well.

Then he told me that he knew my boss and could easily tell them I was looking elswhere for work if he wanted to!

So he threatened me, and lied to me, most likely just to get himself a free lunch and some gossip my sinking ship of a company. Waste of time, and very insulting!!

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I had a similar experience with their Cleveland, Ohio office. Horrible people to work for. In middle of filing in small claims now.


retarted? for it is you who is the retart


I *** hate aerotek cause every1 there is unbelieveably RETARTED... how ever i did get an awesome job, in my field that i went to school for.

The reason y im complaining.

My friend got the same job as me. but it took almost 3 months for him to recieve ONE paycheck.

He had a job thru them before while liveing at his old house. well he moved, got a new job thru them, he filled out all the paperwork, including the new address/location of his new house. and they used is old address, only because his name/address was already in the computer. there for hes lost some money, OOO AND lost his car/house cause he couldnt pay his *** BILLS. would the courts help? NO!, CUASE THE GOVERNMENT IS RETARTED AS WELL.

and... CBS/STAFFMARK. wow, there just as dumb.

Craigslist is the best place to look for a job. ive had 2 that i found on that site.


As "The Fed" said, Aerotek is a huge company and sometimes bad recruiter slip through the cracks. (Sounds like maybe you got one).

However, I don;t think they have to worry about being around long...they are privately owned and do a fabulous job. I have worked with Aerotek offices in the past and had great customer service and job placement.


Most recruiters consider confidentiality to strike at the heart of their business and take confidentiality very seriously, they also do not recruit out of companies that they are working for...

Sounds like you got a rotten egg of a person who likely saw his own untimely lay off...Aerotek is big and therefore probably bends the rules more than others because they can, but they are abide by the same code of ethics as other recruiters or else they won't be around very long.