I would not trust these people. After working for an employer only a week, he wrote off time I actually worked that was refelected on my time card.

The secretary even asked him about discrepency; but when I asked I was canned.

To top it all off Aerotek kept my personal welding equipment, after various attempts to collect it (over 600 dollars in personal welding equipment). It has been almost three years now and my calls to Aerotek have went ignored and referred and unanswered.I tried on numerous occasions to pick up my Equipment but magically there was never anyone there who knew where Jordan H.(the recruiter) was or knew of anyone that could help me get my equipment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Store Location: Little Falls, Minnesota

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I would have called the police. I do not play!!!

I challenge you to start making those phone calls and write those letters...State and Federal agencies need to know what Aerotek is doing. They must be stopped!!!!


you need to file a police report and sue for it back plus time and income because it is over 500 it will be out of small claims and you could get something for it.


That response sounds like an Aerotek employee or something.

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