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Aeroteks Tigard, Oregon offices suffer from the "hot babes, dumb as rocks" syndrome. Walk into their offices and you think you walked into a strip club.

As soon as they open their mouths, however, the experience turns from viscerally pleasing to absolute disgust. They don't listen. They have no clue the mistakes they makes costs workers more than just a delay in receiving their pay. People lose homes, phone service, can't buy food for families, accrue late fees and penalties for bank overdrafts, all kinds of residual, devastating financial related, life issues because of Aeroteks simple display of incompetence.

These people don't care.

Too bad Aerotek, Inc thinks looking pretty is that is needed in establishing a reputable business. Too bad.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Store Location: Portland, Oregon

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It's true!! I signed up for benefits in December and when I got my check they deducted twice the amount of my weekly benefits.

I called thinking it was a mistake. They told me I was eligible for benefits in November and so they backdated payments for the entire month of Novmeber taking out double payments each week for the entire month of December and didn't even notify me, and when I said it's the middle of December why would I need backdated insurance for November , m they said nothing can be done!! Now I'm behind on my bills. The on site managers don't keep appointments, return calls or care what happens to their employees.

Stay away from this company. Very unprofessional.

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