While most staffing agencies are selective in hiring, I think Aerotek gets far more complaints because they are a large staffing firm and will preliminary screen almost anyone. That doesn't mean they want to hire idiots that can hardly spell to work positions for their clients.

I went to an Aerotek office several weeks ago and was appalled by the other people in the waiting room. Most were dressed in ratty clothes and looked like white trash that just left Goodwill. Granted, the economy is rough....but when you show up to a staffing agency dressed like you are homeless, write reviews where you can't even spell, and curse while you are at it...I wouldn't hire you either. Funny, I have a college degree, speak eloquently, dressed appropriately for my interview, and have experience in the field I am applying for, and have been offered a high paying job.

The average Americans doesn't find work because they expect everyone to do everything for them without putting in any real effort or having common sense.

Aerotek's job is to find high quality employees for their clients. Get a clue.

Store Location: Fairview, Oregon

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Latino is the new high school diploma


That make no sense! Are you drunk?!


I have worked for a staffing agency (NOT Aerotek) and I can say to the original author that people with college degrees were just as likely as the non-degree holders, to write and speak very poorly. The thing I personally dislike about Aerotek is their commitment to hiring 22 year old fresh out of college kids as recruiters.

All too often I would hear how unprofessional many of their employees were. Most 22 year olds do not have the experience/mentality to be working as a recruiter. Now, that point aside, the thing that bothers me about people whining on this site about agencies, is their attitude of entitlement, i.e. someone owes them a job.

Most applicants mistakenly believe it is the agency's job to find them a position. That is not the case. You are not the agency's client. The clients are the businesses that have open positions and are paying places like Aerotek to find them qualified candidates.

The number of applicants alone greatly exceed the number of openings. People don't realize, no matter how qualified they think they are, there is always going to be someone who is more qualified and/or just a better fit. And, keep in mind, even if you have the skills needed but aren't a polished, professional applicant, they aren't going to submit you for consideration. There are simply too many agencies around and they compete fiercely with each other to hold on to clients.

No agency is going to risk losing a client by sending them a loser candidate. Job-seekers who are trying to using agencies should also be using all available means to find a job. This means you make finding a job your full-time work until YOU locate something.

Never depend solely on an agency to find you work. You have to get off your backside and do your own footwork.


I genuinely agree with your views about temp agencies. No one owes you a job. However, if you decide to use a temp agency as in-between until finding a better career, at least have the decency to behave professionally.


I found a job without the assistance of an agency. Of course , I had to proove myself, experience and education.

Without and agency receiving a percentage of my wages. If you think I'm an *** or ***. Think what you want, I get to keep all of my wages, except for normal taxes.

Without assistance to making you wealthy. I'm my book, you're the ***......lol


Ideally, a person will find their own employment without an agency. But some companies only go thru agencies to bring on board employees.I know of several large corporations where you HAVE to go thru a temp agency to get your foot in the door.

Those companies I can live without, but I understand why someone else may opt to want to do that.

Also, if you are looking for short-term temp work, using na agency is ideal. But otherwise, no, I suggest people find their own work.


I think companis should rely on past hiring practices. Stop utilizing temp.

agencies all together.

Hiring employees directly has worked for many years prior without a third-party. With great success......If ain't broke, don't fix it attitude......


You act like temp agencies are a new invention. They have been around since 1893!

There are many advantages to hiring temps. You aren't responsible for providing any insurance, you can let the person go at anytime and you don't have to terminate them, the agency does that. You can trying different people before finding the one you really want. You might have short-term staffing needs, in which case you don't need to actually a hire person.

All the background checks, drug-testing, taxes, etc is all taken case of for you! A lot of businesses don't have an HR department and may not have the time or resources to perform staffing functions, i.e. checking credentials. Businesses that use staffing firms do not have to worry about unemployment claims.

A business might have an employee out on medical leave and just need someone for a couple weeks.

Temp agencies really come in handy, in those situations. I can go on with the benefits, but hopefully you get it now.


They're are a eager tiscal third party, who basically knows nothing about the job itself. Just what is written on paper.

Most of the time the candidate interviews with management within the company itself. My question is how do you consider the agency yo be an asset?


I believe that's a crock. While finding quality employees is a great thing.

I truely believe that Areotek goes a bit over board with the process. Some companies use temporary agencies for human resources. As a 45 yr. veteran of the work force.

My experience has been to hire individuals, dispense them. Constantly rehire other candidates to keep the financial flow in the process. This benefits the agency while keeping the availability slot open. It's outrageous.



***. So much jealousy on here because all the low-life commentors below are scratching their heads as to why they can't get hired.

I agree with OP. At least you are pointing out the obvious.

For all the idiots below who are commenting on OP's added "s" to American....PLEASE take a moment to read your gramatically butchered rants. I can only imagine what your resumes look like!


And some don't find work or stay employed because the complain all day long.


To the OP: If you are so darn smart and so highly-educated, why are you having to use a staffing agency like the rest of us illiterate, Goodwill shopping hillbillies?! :grin :grin :grin :grin


That is an obvious answer. Work is lacking.

Companies do not want to hire people like they used to. Medical insurance costs are high. Direct turnover is high. Companies use staffing agencies frequently to manage overhead, reduce insurance costs, and reduce liability.

The only constant is change. It's hard to offer long-term jobs to people directly when a business does not even know its own longevity in a failing market. This post is about having common sense for the slim pickings that are out there and the sad reality of how deep the recession has come.

Since we have to fight over the meager job market, you have to possess some type of competitive edge. Not being able to dress properly and even simple grammar incapability is a concern.


Areotek contacted me. I didnt contact them.

I must have qualifications that intrest them. But with a different for interview process for every open postion in my field. It makes no sinse to interview for positions when you are probably sitting next to the recruiter who I interviewed with earlier. Dont you guys corlaborate?

Who's the ***?

Where did you get your degree, Walmart? :grin


With a different what? No sinse?

No, you don't make any "sinse" whatsoever. Corlaborate?

Is this a new word? Yes, I received a degree from Wal-mart and yet still manage to spell better than you.


I guess with someone less than a high school education. Look up "Type O" if you can! lol


I am a recruiter for Aerotek looking to leave. Unfortunately we have ridiculously high call goals to meet each day.

Because of this, we reach out to literally every candidate we come across even thoufh we know that they don't have the experience for the job. We do this because we are required to call so many people per day :/


Well put! Do for yourself and stop sitting around waiting for the government or someone else to do for you.


Most potential workers are qualified. If they weren't, Areotek wouldn't have shown intrest in the begining. ***!!!!

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