I worked at the Norwalk, CT location as the receptionist for about 2 months. I did what my job entailed and at that this was not my first job as a receptionist.

After one month they wanted to give me a review and basically said I didn't seem happy there and I explained that I was still adjusting to my new job and that I just needed some time to warm up and get comfortable. Everyone went out for a holiday lunch excluding me I was literally the only one that had to stay behind. After the 2nd month they gave me another review when usually you get a review after 90 days. Again they had the same things to say I didn't seem happy there and to be quite honest I don't know what more they wanted from me its like they wanted to to be a kiss *** and I was just there to work.

They basically let me go since they were so convinced that I was unhappy. This was the WORST company I have ever worked for everyone thought they were better than me because I was just the receptionist, its a company filled with a bunch of *** ***. On top of that they recently found my father a job and the job turned out to be some *** job that he could have found on his own. $9 an hour for hard manual labor and on top of that he has to clean toilets which wasn't in the job description then they have the nerve to write my dad a nasty email after he turned in his badge.

After working there I can tell you they are a bunch of scammers.

They make promises to people who don't speak english well and people that don't have much experience and they just place them anywhere. They dont care about anyones needs its all about the money!!!

Store Location: Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

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Based on the tone of your complaint it seems like "seeming unhappy" was their way of trying to say YOUR ATTITUDE SUCKS. Also, for a receptionist grammar and punctuation should be second nature - clearly not the case. Seems like firing you was a totally justified decision.


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