I went to the Aerotek branch located in San Jose.

The staff there are not professional at all. They'll have you waiting for a long time if you go in for an interview.

If you want to work as a recruiter, they expect you to know every single detail of how the company is organized and operates before becoming an employee. Through past work experiences, your knowledge of a company you work for grows continuosly and is not learned in just one day.

Look for a work place where people have some class and respect for you. Forget Aerotek.

Location: Berkeley, California

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And I called off one day when I worked for scs signal and they called saying they wanted to hire me and buy me out of my contract. So I gave them my physical address to the hospital I was at and I had the state police show up and tell me I was not permitted on there property or I would be aressted for trespassing need less to say I lost 2500 in tools and Aero technology did nothing about helping me get my tools back andscrewed me on my taxes


I was recently terminated by NG, and this is still a long story, but as far as Aerotek, they were able to get people to fill spots that NG couldnt fill. One reason they paid more for a temp position.

I do know for a fact that they are a pain in the *** when it comes to time cards submitting them on time.

Now if anyone is thinking to go to work for NG please think again, there are some many different depts and sections you will get lost in the HR hassle. Dont call for EAP help that is a joke first class!


I was recently laid off by my previous employer and have completed one bachelors degree and have course work leading towards a second. I was told by a recruiter who talked to me, a professional lady, as if I were his bro.

I was immediately told that there were no positions for me because of my previous career. The recruiter, Brian, had not even looked at my resume, my skills or my educational background.

The staff in general, is very unprofessional. I witnessed the receptionist emptying her full voice-mail box by deleting each message without listening to any of them.

I would rather seek employment with a staffing company who tested applicants' skill levels and weren't so concerned with whether or not you can pass a drug test. It is very unfortunate that Wells Fargo and USAA use Aerotek to staff their positions.


don't bother signing with them. I didin't even apply for a job there Aerotek called me and as soon as she said "hello my name is **** from aerotek" i said "im sorry what company?" she said "aerotek" i said "sorry not interested" and hung up.

could care less on what job she was calling me for im not signing with a scammer company. over ask and underpay, would work in south america but this is NORTH america ***.


I just had one of their recruiters contact me this past Saturday, i told them I already found a job. Today this same person called me again, the call dropped and when they called me back 4 times, i didnt pick up, because I was already at my office.

This guy then starts sending me emails, harrassing me and calling me names because I didnt pick up his calls. Arent they supposed to move on to the next person?

I am not even a client of theirs!! If i get one more harassing email from him I am reporting him to Aerotek and to the police.


I have not yet worked for Aerotek, but I have dealt with emails from staff. I have applied for many different manufacturing positions.

With no responses except the normal thank you email. Several months ago I applied for an Quality Control Position that I had all the qualifications that was listed on job description. The response email I recieved from channa@***k was - If your experience meets the qualifications of the position, we will be in touch with you shortly to further discuss your professional background. A few days had went by and I hadn't herd from channa@***k.

Sent channa@***k an email to see about the QC Inspector job. channa@***k sent me an email back, that said I did not meet the qualifications of the job. For 2 years now I have applied to many of thier jobs with no respose. Have been told this company doesn't hire anyone over "40".

The position of QA Inspector had only required a high school diploma & 2yrs of experience. I have 9yrs of experience in my field! And 15 yrs manufacturing experience! References from my previous "Supervisors"!

Great Attendence Records! Able to pass Background & Drug Tests!

Unsure of what I need to do now to get a job in my field or a manufacturing job with a good company!


They don't pay enough for the boring and hot working conditions, and I'm talking about just two dollars over minimum wage. They want you to work seven days a week (They can kiss my *** on that!) I must add, one works like a dog there.

One Ten minute break and a half hour lunch. Anything is better than this, it is certainly a sweat shop for unskilled labor.


:( Wow I wish I had read these comments BEFORE I helped Aerotek. One of their recruiters, Matthew Dickson (mdickson@***.com) called because I guess he was desperate to get some information about one of the corporate clients he was trying to get a contract with.

He apparently did a search through their resume database to try to find someone who worked for Booz Allen, Northrup Grumman or Lockheed Martin before. So he chats me up, leading me to think that he is also interested in placing me into a position he has in mind and says to send him another copy of my resume and he or one of his colleagues would set up a meeting with me. It's been 3 weeks and no call or reply even to my follow up phone calls or emails. WHAT A CROCK OF BS!

Well, I am glad that I didn't give him all of my inside info. Little did he know that I have friends who work as recruiting/hiring managers at each of these places. He failed the test BIG TIME.

I've never heard of such an unprofessional company as Aerotek. I

If any of you get this same kind of "research call" from Aerotek, give them bad info and teach them a lesson not to cheat or deceive.


As someone who works in the staffing industry, let me say just one thing. Aerotek's obligation is not to the contractor.

It is to the client. They are the customer, and it is Aerotek's responsibility to make sure that their needs are met.

It's not the business of Aerotek to find people jobs. It's to fulfill the needs of the client.




I hired in with Aerotek recently to contract with an auto manufacturer close to my home. I was told by the recruiter that initally it was a temp to fulltime hire into the auto company.

In the course of asking questiond to get the feel for how things go, I was told that the auto manufacturer DOES NOT hire Aerotek staff fulltime into the company. I also found out that I was not the only one lied to about that either by the same recruiter


I'm pretty tired of the cat and mouse game a particular recruiter tends to play with me. I'm deeply invested in becoming re-employed so naturally I'm up on all the postings that seem to mysteriously tie back to Aerotek.

I cannot tell you the number of times I have called my recruiter and questioned him about a specific job posted by Aerotek, but he knows nothing about it. I'm then asked to give him all of the details on the job before he can find it in their system. Seems odd to me that job requistion number cannot assist him in identifying a posting in their own proprietary database. Follow up from these offices is completely missing.

I have to press, call, email with return receipts to produce a response. When I finally happen to get one it's a lot of empty words. Most recently I found a job listed, asked the recruiter who told me the company is not actually recruiting for those positions. Then why post those positions - they are simply trying to get volume of applicants.

Nine times outta 10 they don't actually have a client they are recruiting for. If they do they will low ball you on hourly rate. I once waited 11 business days for a recruiter to get back to me with some specific questions about an assignment, finally I called directly based on that long turn around only to be told the position had been filled. This probably would have been filled by me as an applicant had I not been put on "ignore" by the recruiter.

Aerotek is a waste of time. I advise when you see a posting associated with them just bypass it and keep looking for direct hire positions.

Think about it logically is any company too small or lazy to recruit their own staff really going to pann out as a worthwhile gig anyway ? Probably not.


I am a client of Aerotek and I like that they screen 10 candidates for 1 position because then my team and I don't waste time interviewing people who are not a good fit. I appreciate that they are saving my team time and money and only sending me the best of the best.

If you are not getting any calls back then you probably are not a strong candidate. Unfortunately you should be registering with an unemployment agency and not a recruiting firm.


Just because you think you have the skills to do a certain job doesn't mean they HAVE to submit your resume to their client.

Maybe they felt like you were an *** and would reflect poorly on them at their client site. Maybe they felt like you were the type of petty fool that would bash them on an online complaints site and go file a complaint with the EEO. Looks like they were right.

In America you still have the right to hire who you choose to hire. This isn't the USSR, ***.


Don't tell my Mom I work for Aerotek, she still thinks I am a piano player in a whorehouse.


What a bunch of *** bags! Dude asks me my age, which is illegal, proceeds to tell me I need to be working at my age (no ****, that's why I am looking for work like 5 million other Americans), when I tell him to *** off, he calls the cops.

I don't need lectures, I need a job.

I have more certifications in my field than most, proven work history, local and available for any shift, and he gives me lip. What a bunch of losers.


I was laid off 2 years ago and have filed with them also. I have called many times, filled out many many applications on line and I still to this day do not have a job.

I called and asked why? They told me because of the money I used to make I`m not qualified for a 12 dollar an hour job! They only hired people that have made money close to what they are advertising! they don`t want any JOB JUMPERS!

So thanks for helping me aerotech, they are clearly out for themselves, shame on you! :(


I registered with Aerotek over a year ago, at the time the recruiter told me he had noting that would fit my skill. Several months passed and to my surprise I received an email from him.

Indicating that he located my resume through an internal database and wanted to speak with me. The problem is he forgot me until then, he had no intention of offering me anything and when he located my resume he thought I was someone else. However, he still played me along. He even had me come in to his office, to fill out forms for a background check.

Later he told me that I indeed pass the background check, and that he was just waiting on his client to send out offers.

Two weeks passed and he still has not called me back or answer any of my emails. I wish that these staffing agencies would be required by law to not toy around with prospective employees, because during these tough economic times people can do without this type of treatment.


My mother had applied through Aerotek a couple months ago. She is a hard working women and moved recently trying to get back on her feet.

Sad to say she went through Aerotek in one city near by her home. They promised her a position and declined to return her calls. She went to a different location 20 miles away from home and they sent her to a position with her experience 1 hour away. She has been working 12hour shifts 6 days a week doing over time just to make money and save.

Her contract is a 90 day contract. She is only obligated to to work 40 hours a week sometimes its mandatory over time. She wants to work overtime to prove shes a hard worker and save money at the same time. She has a wonderful reference and background with previous employers.

Recently she was offered a position and declined the offer because of the hours working 3rd shift and 12 hour days. She is worn out. She is more than willing to work over time but would like a job closer to home and they are asking for mandatory weekends. The contract is over soon and she has asked to have the temp find her a job closer to home and 1st shift stating that there are plenty of positions available within the area.

Aerotek told her they will not help her find a new position. They told her to take the position at this company and talk to her supervisor for the hours and ask for 8 hour days and 1st shift. They employer has already stated its 3rd shift, 12hrs, and mandatory weekends and overtime. I looked up the Aerotek website there are numerous job postings everyday at least 15 a day with my mothers experience and background near her home.

Aerotek says if she refuses the offer then she can finish her contract write a letter stating she will be done working for this company two weeks in advance before doing so and she is obligated to tell her employer herself she will be done with her contract. During the time my mother had signed up with this temp agency I checked there website and was curious to why they sent her so far away to work. She said the other location will help and position you with a job right away anywhere. She said this was the only job available around here.

I found there were tons of jobs with her experience temp to hire or contract within the area she is living. I asked her why they did not offer her a contract closer to home. She said it was ok and she got a job right away and when the contract is over hopefully they will find her one closer. Now they are telling her since she will not take the position they can no longer help her.

She said she has worked through a temp before and has never been told to tell the employer two weeks in advance before quitting also. She is not quitting she is on a 90 day contract and the temp advised her if she is not happy where she is at they would relocate her after the contract is over. She advised Aerotek of her hours and over time and they said she must speak to the employer herself with those hours and they are demanding she takes the position otherwise she can go else where. I am livid to how a temp agency would treat people.

I would like to file a complaint towards the agency. I have more complaints from others that has experienced the same issues.

Does anyone know who I can try to contact to do so? Thanks


I've been contracting off and on for 15+ years. Aerotek has contacted me on probably three dozen occassions, usually for what seems just a cold call to give some new recruiter an "update" to their files.

First of all, for a compnay of their size, you'd think they might actually share a database among regional offices, yet I'm continually contacted by people who've never read a single thing from my bio or resume/CV. Often, this may even be from two different people within the same office...sometimes for the same position!!! Secondly, they seem to always want me to commit to taking a position (assuming it's ever offered by their client) as justification for them to send my resume to the client in the first place. Aerotek is not a corporate headhunter, they're a contract employer.

All they need to know is wether I'm qualified and do I fit their clients' needs. Period. Headhunters need more info and generally have higher-level positions and frankly, more reputation of their own at stake. One can assume that the probable reason someone like me (20+ years experience in the same field) seems to never be contacted twice by the same person at Aerotek over all these years is that either their system is poor, their internal turnover rate is high, their people lack training or all of the above.

Either way, I find I almost always regret wasting time out of my day to even have a phone conversation with them hoping I'll get that one sharp person who actually has something meaningful to tell me.

The fact is, ANYONE who can form a business can call themselves a contract employment agency/recruiter, whatever you want to call it. All those of us looking for positions care about is "What is the position?" and "Can you get me and interview?!!!!!!"

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