I had read horrific reviews about Aerotek on various message boards. I didn't know whether to take the information seriously because it was on the internet.

I recently called a local Aerotek office in Illinois(DuPage County). I saw a position posted on their website. I left multiple messages with the Aerotek staff. They never returned my calls.

I eventually called the office and was tranferred to a representative. I wanted to verify if they were still accepting resumes for a particular position. Before the representative responded to my question, he asked me "where I was calling from?" I thought this was odd, considering he had been told that I had called about a potential opportunity. Just as others had indicated about Aerotek, he didn't want to talk to anyone, about anything.

His behavior was aloof and unprofessional. I had read about many lawsuits filed against the company, claiming everything from sexual to racial discrimination. It is not hard to believe. They clearly don't have any type of accountability.

Only a second-rate company would allow such unprofessional and unethical behavior.

Store Location: Chicago, Illinois

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Also there are no other black people working in that office and never has had a black person employed there. They send black people out to work jobs for them but internal jobs blacks don't stand a chance.


This is incident happened at the Huntsville, Alabama branch


I was discriminated because of my race. I am an african american and when I applied for the recruiter position after working on a contract position for them with the Toyota plant, I was qualified and definitely met the company's requirement.

But they picked a white candidate for the job. And according to someone inside I know personally they told me they picked a white guy because a white guy matched the aerotek profile.

I'm filing a law suit. October 2011



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The management is unbelievable. The recruiters are no good.

I’ve called them many times for them to submit my resume to a company.

That the company is looking for somebody with my skills and qualifications. They never called me back, and they never submitted my resume. I called my local EDD office I told them my situation with Aerotek. I showed the investigator at the EDD office.

That I have prove that I’ve called and left messages at Aerotek and that I have prove of the jobs that are looking for a person with my skills. He told me he will investigate, and that Aerotek should have submitted my resume to those companies. EDD is a State Office, Aerotek is just a business.

!!!! Call your local EDD office and file your complaint with them.


The culture at Aerotek is to make a buck, regardless of whether or not you are actually helping your candidates. Don't believe the hype, even as a recruiter I was lied to about the quality of the companies we were recruiting for.

I was constantly told that one particular company (a major client of ours) was great about promoting from within and offering pay raises after a contractor had "proved" him or herself....only to be told down the road, that nope, this was not true. And the only reason I was told the truth is because I inquired about all the resumes I saw posted online from people who were current employees of this company. I was curious as to why such a "great" company would be bleeding qualified employees.

That was when I was finally let in on the secret. The longtime recruiters/sales managers at Aerotek simply want to make a dollar.

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