My husband has been working through Aerotek in Deerfield, IL for about 9 months now. His recruiter (Sabrina) is extremely unprofessional.

when he first started, she would text his cell phone from her cell phone wishing him a great day at work, etc...In my opinion, that's crossing the line. There's other ways to wish someone well in a professional manner. She also invited him to go to lunch with her, by themselves, to "show her appreciation to him". Now that may be a company thing, and if so, I would advise that Aerotek maybe do a group employee lunch or bring lunches for EVERYONE working for them at that company, not a private lunch, that could make people very uncomfortable, as it did for my husband.

Also, my husbands boss at the company he's working for has been extremely RUDE to my husband and will get on him for EVERY LITTLE THING, but doesn't do it to anyone else, so my husband complained to his recruiter several times, and got no help at all. So finally he called again and his recruiter was not there, so he talked to a gentlemen who said he was in charge of the company he was working for and the gentlemen stated that that was the first time he was hearing of any incident involving him, WHICH MEANS HIS RECRUITER IS OBVIOUSLY NOT DOING HER JOB. One day last week, my husband went in early and found that the shift before him totally screwed up his area (nothing new), and last time he tried to fix it his boss yelled at him for it. So rather than sit there and wait for his boss to get in and get paid for doing nothing he left a note for him telling him he was leaving for the day as he was also throwing up because of the anxiety his boss causes him.

My husband called his recruiter to let her know and she then began to yell at him telling him to "get back to work!" and asking him "well what are you doing right now then?" he told her "LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB!".

My husband went to work the next day and (needless to say) put his 2 weeks in. DON'T EVER USE AEROTEK TO LOOK FOR WORK NO MATTER HOW DESPERATE YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Store Location: Chicago, Illinois

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I'm a recruiter at aerotek planning on quitting. We are required to attend a set number of lunches with our contractors each month.

I feel extremely uncomfortable going to lunch with other men as a married woman. It is very awkward, and I don't think it is right.

This is one of the reasons why I am looking for another job. I just wanted to comment to let you know that us recruiters are required to take employees out to lunch one on one :/


The part about the recruiter taking your husband to lunch is weird. You can be sure she was not inviting the hundreds of other contractors that were placed by the office out to lunch. Very inappropriate.


I was picked on so bad there that I got a bleeding ulcer. I quit that collections mill and found permanent job where I am respected and valued.

Aerotek does not stand up or support their contract workers!!! Stay away!!

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