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I've been with Aerotek for nearly 8 weeks. In that time, I was roped into exorbitantly expensive insurance and have not been paid twice.

I have children, so of course when I was looking for insurance, I wanted something with ER and hospital coverage. The only option (from the 2 offered) was what they call the "high deductible" plan. For the privilege of carrying this plan, you get to pay 100% of your costs out of pocket until you meet your deductible, which is something around ten grand. It doesn't cover any mental health, and the only pharmacy I can use is 12 miles from my house. They charge you $268 per week for this wonderful coverage. That's $1072 a month for a job that only pays $1680 a month. I don't know about anyone else, but even with weekly visits to a therapist and medication, I don't spend $1072 every month. Better coverage through the Marketplace is only $562 per month. After realizing this, I cancelled my coverage online. At least, I thought I did. There is clearly an option on the website that mentions the coverage being too expensive. After a few days of no response, I called someone at Allegis. At this point, they threw the ACA in my face and insisted that the IRS required them to force me to keep my coverage. I have proof of continued coverage from my husband's job, and I sent this in. They deigned to change my plan to the lower-premium plan but would not cancel my coverage, again citing the ACA and threatening me with the IRS. It was implied that the only way I could get out of coverage was to quit the job I was working and try to hire back in later. They also told me that there may be penalties for being "double covered," which apparently also counts as insurance fraud. During this time, I was averaging $60 each week for 30-40 hours of work. That's barely gas money to and from my job.

This week was supposed to be the week when the lower premium went into effect. Instead, I get a statement from Aerotek that says that they took not one, but two premiums out: the high deductible plan and the less expensive plan. Oddly enough, the two premiums together exactly equaled what my pay would have been. This makes the second week that I've brought home absolutely nothing. I paid to work for them for 2 weeks.

I've had some really horrible jobs over the years, but never have I worked for free. If anyone asks, I tell them to run in the opposite direction. Don't work for this company. They don't care about their "clients," they only care about how much money they can squeeze from them.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1072.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aerotek Cons: Did not pay me full check, Dishonesty, Greedy, Insurance costs.

Store Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Those Aerotek people are scavengers, I did a job for them and could not go back to get my personal belongings one random day. My booty, helmet, expensive stuff gone. Crooks in my book.

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