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I signed up with Aerotek in Westford, Ma in July or August of this year. I went on two interviews one at a doctors office which went really well, didn't get the job they went with the other candidate, the second was an interview at Athena Diagnostics in Worcester, Ma and that was not a very good interview at all.

I did not get that job.... Since my last interview at Athena I have called about other administrative jobs and been told that all of these jobs are with Athena Diagnostic.. Most recent incident happening this morning when I call about two Administrative Jobs in Auburn, Ma. I was put on hold for Neil Leo and after a few minutes someone came back on the phone and told me that Neil said the jobs were with Athena Diagnostic!!!

I know that Athena does not have an office in Auburn MA!!! I am PISSED!

This is supposed to be an agency helping people who want to find a job do just that and it seems to me they are not...

DO NOT WORK FOR AEROTEK.. they are completely unprofessional and do not help you at all!!!

Store Location: Westford, Massachusetts

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I was contacted by Aerotek in Horsham, PA (outside of Philadelphia). The recruiter (Miss Bond) then contacted me about a sales position in the area.

I told her to send them my resume. I called again a week later to followup; I was told that Miss Bond was at a "seminar" and was not available for the next few days. In the meantime, I was contacted by the firm regarding the sales position and had a phone interview with them. Another week passed, then I was called on Friday at dinner time by Miss Bond , who then proceeded to tell of another sales position; it turned to be the same one she told me about weeks before.

When I reminded her of this , she became abrupt and rapidly ended the call.

I did not hear from her for 2-3 weeks; I finally called her back to find out why I hadn't heard from her. She immediately accused me of being "rude" to her!!

I have since stopped dealing with Aerotek.

Miss Bond's ego was obviously more important than helping her clients.

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