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7 years ago, I applied online for a position with a call center customer service position, but it required me to apply through Aerotek which I did. Well I successfully landed that job. 5 1/2 years later when I was unceremoniously fired from that job, I contacted Aerotek foolishly thinking that lightening would strike twice. IT DIDN'T!

The second time around I dealt with this 20 something year old recruiter (punk), who was very absent minded, I kept having to remind him of the contents of previous conversations! There was even one episode after not hearing from this guy for about 2 months during my lengthy unemployment phase, that he had the nerve to talk AT me, as if it was my fault that he didn't know what the *** he was doing! Don't think he didn't get told! The one job he managed to get me was with a company I had previously worked for 20 years ago. I did EVERYTHING I was supposed to do as far as submitting to a drug test, filling about what amounted to be about a stack of 5" of paperwork, going through the companies security check, even going to the company to get fingerprinted. But it was all for naught.

You see, the young recruiter told me that I would be starting the week of Christmas (2010), and the assignment would run through the beginning of March. Well the Friday before I was to start, I waited all the way up until 4pm and had not heard anything about if I was to start the following Monday, the time, where, or to whom I was to report. So I called him, only to find out that of the 10 people that were to start next week, only 2 passed the security clearance, and they were waiting for the others to come through, including me. So I would be starting the week of New Year instead . . . BUT HE WOULD CALL ME . . . to confirm.

Well low and behold another week passed, didn't hear from him, left messages, no return call, emailed, no return email, not even an "out of office" reply. So the Monday arrived, no call from anybody. Tuesday evening, about 4:45pm, I get a call from one of the punk's associates asking me if I had been out to the job . . . I SAID NO I HAVEN'T!!! Nobody called to confirm if I had passed the security clearance, nor to tell me where and to whom I report. She said she would make a phone call and call me back. She called me back and asked me if I could go in on WED, to which I said no, because since I never heard anything back from them, I lined up other interviews! So she half *** apologized, and said that the punk was actually gone on vacation and she was just now finding out about this. She then said she would call me back to let me know if I could start the following Monday. Guess what? SHE NEVER CALLED BACK, and AGAIN . . . my calls to HER went unanswered!!! Needless to say, the temporary opportunity went up in smoke.

When the young punk got back, turns out from ITALY . . . . he called me up and had the gumption to ask me "What happened with the job at -the place-?" I TOLD HIM "YOU TELL ME!" I told him I did everything I was supposed to do and THEY/HE dropped the ball. So he tried to be somewhat apologetic and BS his way out of taking full resonsibility. Well, in the end I found 3 jobs on my own. Since I have been at my current job, I got a call from a new recruiter who said the punk is no longer with the company . . . SUPRISE SURPRISE!!! I told him that I already have a job but would be interested to pursue another opportunity if he something that was more lucrative . . . long story short . . . I AINT HEARD FROM HIM EITHER!!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Customer Care.

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