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I accepted a one week consult job thru Aerotek Staffing Agency, at a Tulsa company. Date: 5/8/14 to 5/15/14.

12 weeks and 6 days later, I accepted another job thru Aerotek for a different Tulsa company.

Start date: 8/13/14. (5/15/14 end work to 8/13/14 begin work equals 12 weeks and 6 days.)

On 10/24/14 (54 days after being informed I was eligible for health insurance on 9/1/14)

I enrolled online for health insurance thru Aerotek’s sister company,

The Allegis Group (a subsidiary of Aetna Life Insurance Company)

At a rate of $182.32 per week, which included vision, dental, etc.

On my following weekly paycheck, the insurance premium deducted $364.64. That is $182.32 times two.

When I called to ask why the double premium deductions, Aerotek had no idea why.

I was THEN told by Allegis about the Break in Service Rule.

The Break In Service Rule is a rule created by The Affordable Care Act.

“If an employee’s break in service is less than 13 weeks and the employee previously qualified for coverage during the then current stability period, he or she is treated, upon rehire or resumption of service, as a continuing employee to whom coverage must be offered by the first day of the following month.“

Had I waited one more day it would have been less than 13 weeks.

First, I was not ‘previously qualified for coverage’.

Then I was not ‘offered’, INFORMED OR OTHERWISE NOTIFIED that I would be subject to this rule,

or 7 weeks back premium payments.

That is, $182.32 current weekly premium plus $182.32 back premiums from 9/1 to 10/24.

I asked, then pleaded with Allegis, that I wanted to begin the policy on 10/24/14, the day I enrolled. They said they were sorry, they must charge me from 9/1 and there was nothing they could do. Repeatedly.

(Most would agree a few mouse clicks on their end could have accomplished what the employee intended.)

Per my request, Allegis finally cancelled my policy on 11/15/14. (3 weeks after enrollment.)

I quit the job on 12/1/14, as I could not in good conscience, pay thousands of dollars for nothing.

This scam affected me mentally and physically in ways I cannot even explain.

Aerotek, Allegis and Aetna were purposely banging my paycheck, and there was nothing I could do.

By the final paycheck they had deducted $1003.16 for 3 weeks of insurance I never used.

When I talked to them last, I was told (by Phone) that I still owed $2188.00,

but did not have to pay it if I did not go back to work for Aerotek.

Am I the only one in America that has an insurance company stealing money from a individual in this manner?

P.S. They also put the wrong name on the medical ID card sent to me, further proving their fallibility.

Reason of review: Deception.

Monetary Loss: $22000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aerotek Pros: Aerotek ok til they backed allegis.

Aerotek Cons: Allegis refusal to change date.

Store Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

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I posted this on April 29. It is now Oct.

29. 508 views.

I guess I am the only one in America that has an insurance company stealing money from a individual in this manner.

And then there is this. Last May, for a few seconds, I found a post from a girl with similar circumstances.

I barely had time to read it when I got a blue screen and had to reboot.

I couldn't believe it.

I never found the post again and I have never had a blue screen again for any reason.

A lesser man would think a certain mega-corporation was monitoring and blocking? search engines. I have NEVER ever been a conspiracist. but now...wow.

Not sure what to think. And I NEVER seriously contemplated an apocalypse. but if it happened, it would not be zombies or bombs. Yep, mega-corps.

If ANYBODY can find a similar situation, PLEASE leave a comment/link.

I still think about it everyday. JREY

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