I should have seen it coming. I applied for a position that aerotek was looking to fill for the FGS Group. Walter Small conducted a screening interview over the phone. It took about a minute to figure out he had no idea what the "words" in the ad meant. He had ZERO knowledge of the industry and it was apparent that he made no effort to figure out what any of the acronyms meant prior to our "interview". I had to explain my experience, in relation to HIS ad, three different ways and he still could not follow. Mr. Small contacted all of my references. The feedback that I received from my references told me to "forget about it" if my success was dependent on Mr. Small.

I did get a phone interview with FGS Group and according to Mr. Small they wanted to bring me into town for a face-to-face interview in three weeks and to "hold open" 3 days for the interview schedule. As we got closer, i kept checking in. I specifically asked: Isthis is "real"? He kept telling me it was going to happen and he would me sending details/logistics and to keep those three days open. The day before I was to potentially be in tampa, i had no specifics. Mr. Small did not return phone calls or emails requests for info. I attempted to reach Mr. Small numerous times the morning of the "first day" and got no response. I finally got hold of him late in the day only to be told the company is "going with another candidate". It was clear from the conversation that Mr. Small knew for quite sometime I was never going to be interviewed. The worst part is that I do some consulting and for three weeks i turned TURNED DOWN WORK based on Mr. Small's word. Not only did Mr. Small waste my time, he cost me money!!! Needless to say, I let Mr. Small know my "displeasure". I went so far as to contact the representative of FGS Group to find out what happened. He has yet to return my call which is a clear indicator as to the type of company FGS is.

To anyone working through Aerotek, done pin your hopes on them and forget about being treated with any level of basic courtesy or professionalism.

Store Location: Heathsville, Virginia

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