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Dear Aerotek,

Thank you for wasting my time. I waited three months to get the same response from you.

If you are suppose to help people, this is a joke. I rather shoot myself in the head, than wait on you to help me find a job. I am not going to put any names down but, this is a scam and it is evident by how well you check on your clients.

If you think I am going to do your *** interview, think again. I will make those people that are working with you, realize that you are a waste of time and not resourceful nor beneficial to their company.

Best regards,

Go screw yourself!

Store Location: Orlando, Florida

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I was hired by areotek to work as a oil spill clean up tech. They paid for my 24 hazwolper traing.

I live in Alabama. They sent me to MS. I was there for 5 weeks. Then they told me that because I was from AL.

not to come back to work there. They said they would try to find work for me in AL. Saw several jobs that required the hazwolper cert. I called areotek in Pensacola, FL and told them I could find work if they would give me the cert.

I was told that they didn't have to give it to me. I asked her you mean you are not going to give it to me even if it will help me find employment. She said no.

I told her I thought dhe was rude and cold hearted and she laughed. All thye really care about is making money off of you.

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