Here's the deal: With the unemployment rate at +10% and millions looking for work, recruiters get dozens of phone calls every day. So it is impossible for a recruiter to return EVERY phone call they get from a prospective candidate.

Thus, no return phone call = no opportunities available right now! Last time I checked, candidates are not paying Aerotek to find them jobs... Aerotek's CLIENTS are paying them to find candidates - Business 101.

The people complaining about Aerotek are a bunch of babies. Get some initiative and find a job on your own instead of relying on a recruiter to do the work for you!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Store Location: Chicago, Illinois

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Just to clarify, my commission comes from my company billing the client for my work based on good candidates that I find to interview with them. In no way does the contractor pay for being recruited by me.

So think about that before you start complaining about me trying to find you a job at no expense to you. Also, I’m expected to interview 15+ people over the phone a day to gage whether or not I think your qualified and have a good attitude. That means I talk to 75+ different people a week. If you weren’t followed up with that probably means you did not present yourself very well.

Either over stating your qualifications or were not professional during the phone interview (just in case you didn’t understand it’s what a recruiter is doing when they first contact you).

During a 50 hour week that’s as busy as mine, following up with someone who I clearly do not want to work with is the last thing on my to-do list. Think about it before you start bashing a company calling you in regards to a job opportunity at no expense to you.






Whoever said that those of use who complain are whining ... they list the jobs under their agency and people cannot apply to them on their own.

And they list many jobs without following up with people who actually want to work.

So learn what you are talking about before being so ignorant. :(


Aerotek should be in the used car business...bunch of liars & deceivers! All they worry about is their commission..once they have it, your on your own pal! :(


My only experience as of yet with Aerotek is with one phone call received from the Michigan branch. So, I decided to do some research to see what Aerotek was about. The BBB had no bad complaints; in fact San Jose Branch had an A+. I read some discussion posts where ex-Aerotek employees and ex-job seekers put their opinions in. That is all the further I got in the last hour.

With my single interaction with Aerotek and my recent studies of job searching, I have gotten the opinion that the writers who do not have good things to say are the ones who are displaying very weak and unemployable talents. Skills can be taught. Talents can't be changed. Talents drive the skills.

Also, I have gathered that the recruiting agency is more like a General Contractor who subs out a crew for different projects to fulfill their client’s requirements. The General Contractor has a reputation to retain by hiring the best subcontractor who will complete a contract to the Client's satisfaction and acceptance. The subcontractor has the option to bid on the project, and the responsibility to fulfill the contract to the satisfaction of everyone. There are only so many projects, and many more subcontractors.

Therefore, if I were a controlling a recruiting agency, I would make sure that my recruiters were giving my client the best performer. That is the goal for the company, to satisfy the client. The most employable jobseeker would be my next concern. My only concern there would be that his promise will be kept. The job seeker already has interest of working under my terms. Then my only obligation would be to assure that the job seeker had a safe working environment and all agreed compensations were paid.

These days, there are many performers to choose from, sad, but true. So if phone calls are not being returned, then there is a possibility that the proper talents for the job requirement are not properly displayed. A job seeker is actually a salesperson. The job seeker needs to sell himself. The job seeker is not selling a resume, but the resume is a brochure to draw attention towards yourself.


Yea jfilus you whiney swine recruiter get the *** out of here trying to give aerotek a positive name you *** rat your company should be shutdown i propose everyone who encountered a problem with aerotek to report it so we can get rid of this joke company.... :(


Jfilus you sound you work for aeroyek u little snitching rat you and your company should be shutdown... :(


Jfilus, the job seekers may not be paying you to look buy Aerotek IS paying you. The least you can do is to get back to them one way or the other.

And if we do as you say, get some initiative and find a job on our own, you babies will be out of business and YOU will be begging someone to help YOU find a job. When that happens I'd advise you not to contact Aerotek or you'll be ignored by someone just like you. It's not a matter of initiative. Companies like Aerotek are a LAST RESORT for people who have used their initiative and have had to deal with OTHERS LIKE YOU who also didn't get back to us no matter how many times we contacted them.

Get over yourself, your lousy company, learn some manners and realize that the reason you are employed is because people utilitze second rate companies like yours to find jobs for them, until they encounter losers like you and realize that if you are representative of Aerotek, it's better to stand on a street corner with a "Looking for a job" placard around your neck than contact you. At least people notice you right off, which is more than I can say for Aerotek.

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