Received a phone call from the guys at Aerotek telling me that they wanted to finish my profile that they started???? I never talked to these people before in my life - how did they start a profile.

They told me they found my resume on Monster.Com and decided I would be a good match to some call center positions they had available.

Thanks but no thanks - I know that I was looking for a job - but not in a call center and don't feel that I need a recruiting company giving my information out to just anywhere! This should be stopped somehow!

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Stay away from Aerotek. They lie, cheat, steal, and worse.


you gave out your information by placing your resume on monster.com All recruiting companies like Aerotek have acess to all resumes on monster. They don't "give your information out to just anyone" you did that. They are actually trying to find you a positon because they make money from placing you.

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