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Interviewed and left hanging . Luis Reyes said he would call and now will not return my messages!

Aerotek called me to come in for an interview. Went to fill out application for them , sat through a twenty five minute interview, he was asking very specific questions about the position I was applying for, and said " things look good ". Told me he would let me know, if company was interested in me or not. Waited a week before I called him back to find out what the company said, He answered the call and told me he was "working on a big project".

I have since left two messages asking if he could return my call.

Never heard from him again. Very dissappointed !

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I interviewed with Aerotek in suburban Philadelphia (a woman named "Samantha"). She told me of a job prospect in Philly.

I interviewed with the company, tried to call her regarding the interview, and was told she was in "training" for the entire week. She called me back finally on Friday at 4:30 PM and starting telling me of another job prospect; it turned out to be the exact company and position I had just interviewed for. When I informed her of this, she became abrupt and just hung up on me.

After two weeks of waiting for her to call back, I finally called her again; she informed me that she hadn't called because I had been rude to her!!

Why am I being punished because of this woman's personal hissy fit? Is this an example of the type of career counselors employed by Aerotek?