I was contacted directly by six separate recruiters in the last year.

Every single one of those recruiters advised me of a position that fit my criteria. Every single one of those recruiters then ceased to respond entirely, ignoring emails and phone calls for weeks at a time. On three separate occasions, I was finally able to get in contact with the recruiter in question and was advised that they were "so sorry it had taken so long to get back to me, but they had been on vacation and the position was now filled." My only possible response to this is why would you contact someone regarding a position you need to have filled, and then fail to advise them that you would be out of the office for several weeks? If you're going to lie, come up with a more convincing lie.

In at least one instance, the only thing pending were my personal references. My recruiter then failed to respond to voicemails from my references on over a dozen different occasions. My references actually called HIM because he insisted, despite several clarifications, on calling when they were unavailable.

I would not recommend this company or their services to anyone, there is an utter lack of communication on the part of the recruiters who insist on wasting the time of potential contract employees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruitment.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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