I have been visiting the Aerotek website daily for more than 15 months now and I have sent them over 500 applications now for various different positions. I have more than 8 years of professional engineering experience and an MS degree to strengthen my credibility to get a job. I have always been flexible when it comes to relocation for a job. Even after being so flexible, highly experienced and skilled, and after so many applications, I was contacted by Aerotek recruiters only on 3 occasions in the span of 15 months.

The first time I was contacted was by a recruiter in San Jose, CA after almost 150 applications to various positions. The recruiter called me to the office(although, it could have been done via a phone call) and all she did was discuss my experience and my resume that I had submitted for a specific role. After the discussion was over, she mentioned she would be submitting me for that position and would contact me for other relevant positions in the future. This was is August 2018, and I haven't heard from her ever since.

The second time I was contacted by a recruiter was for a position in Foster City, CA(after almost 350 applications). The position was well below my experience level but I still applied for it because I desperately needed a job. Again, I was about to be called to the office, but I mentioned that I had already visited an Aerotek office in the past and luckily the recruiter had a phone and video interaction with me for that role. After a couple of weeks, I was told that I did not get the job because they hired someone else(this happened without the client interviewing me or Aerotek letting me know what exactly happened, even when I was exceeding the job requirements)

The third time I was contacted by a recruiter was for a position in Milpitas, CA. The recruiter had submitted my application to the client and after almost two weeks of me following up regularly I was told that the company's manager hired someone else with better qualifications(although I met 95% of the requirements). I was upset, but at least I was happy to receive a firm rejection instead of being kept hanging. The next day as usual, I decided to visit the Aerotek website for job postings, and I saw the same job re-posted but this time by a different recruiter. After almost 2-3 weeks, the same job has been posted again by my previous recruiter. I am unable to understand that if the job was already closed and another candidate was hired then why is the job posting open. If the hired person did not accept the offer or left for some reason, why wasn't I contacted as the second best candidate for the role to fill up that position. If I wasnt the second best candidate and there was someone else better than me, then the job should have been given to him/her instead of being re-posted twice after me being rejected.

I have trust issues with Aerotek since then and I have stopped applying to Aerotek's postings. They are really unprofessional especially for such a big staffing company. You should consider yourself lucky if an Aerotek recruiter actually takes the effort to pick up the phone, talk to you and tries hard to get you that job. Also, I do not trust them. I would rather be rejected for a real reason, so I could learn from my failure and develop myself, instead of being kept hanging and then getting rejected without an interview. Trust me but all the blogs you must have read on the internet about how you connect with a recruiter, bond with them, thank them after the interview, they don't apply to Aerotek's recruiters. They don't deserve your compassion or gratefulness because they don't care about you getting a job.

And by the way, this is not just Aerotek. Its subsidiaries like Easi and Tek Systems are nothing better. I am sure the company specifically hires such unprofessional recruiters so that they maintain the same low standard of recruiters throughout their organization.

I request all of you who are reading this review to kindly save your time from applying to their positions. All the good reviews that you see are mostly internal and not from job-seeking candidates. I am not sure how this company is running if they are so incompetent with their professionalism. Every time I was rejected, I was told they will keep me posted for future opportunities, but I was never contacted.

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