In case anyone is wondering, I'm a highly educated and professional woman.

I started working with Aerotek (Arden Hills, MN) in March, and they didn't manage to start me at a job until July. I was supposed to start in June, but my background check took three weeks longer than it should have, and I passed the date I should have started!

The reason my background check took so long was because they needed me to sign an extra form because I had lived in another state. The person at Aerotek who sent me the form did not read it, and sent me the wrong instructions. Naively, I assumed he'd dealt with the form before, and followed his instructions rather than the ones written on the form. Of course, a day later he sends it back and requires me to get it notarized, as well as hand off the original form to him. That of course took a little longer, especially as it turned out that they didn't have access to a notary. I still have no idea why it would take more than a week after I turned that form in to complete my background check.

Consistently in my experience with them, by the way, I was told over and over again "I've never done this before." I'm sorry, that is not an excuse for unprofessional behavior, nor an excuse for not reading the form.

They also engaged in other unprofessional behavior over my time with them, including calling me at 11:30pm, trying to get me to call rather than just dropping me an email when I obviously could not pick up the phone, ignoring my calls and emails when I needed to hear back from them...in fact when my room-mate had interviewed with them a couple of months before I did, they completely forgot about her for 45 mins. She finally had to remind them she was there in order to get them to interview her. My interview was cut short because for some reason it was scheduled in between meetings for my recruiter, and she ended up EMAILING me the interview questions so I could respond. I've never been at an interview where they didn't have time to actually interview me! Every time I was in the office for paperwork, interviews, etc, they were late.

In addition, I ended up having to quit on short notice-which is fairly par for the course in a temp's world. I got offered a permanent position a company I had temped for the year before and they wanted me to start immediately. As the company I was with had issued me a laptop and a badge, I wanted to make sure those got turned in as soon as possible. It is important in health insurance to make sure people who are not employees do not have access to the system (and peoples' personal information). Therefore, I talked to my trainer at the end of the day and made sure that I gave them back everything immediately, and apologized in person for being in such a hard place. We tried to get a hold of my manager and failed, so she asked me to leave the objects at security. I did so, and intended to go straight home and email my recruiter and give her my regrets.

She called me as I was on the way home, and chewed me out in the most unprofessional manner! The nicest thing I can say about that conversation was that she didn't swear! I calmly cut her off after she insisted on interrupting me in a rude and disrespectful manner and told her I was going to hang up, because the conversation was unproductive. Yet again I heard the sentence "I've never ____ before." Apparently she's never had a temp quit on short notice before-she must not have had that job long! I don't know why she thought someone who was no longer employed by them would sit still for a verbal beating. Of course I wasn't planning to go back to Aerotek! Why would I need to? I was at the job for a total of one week (which due to their poor organization, was their own fault) and it never needs to go on my resume! So why exactly would she tell me she didn't think Aerotek would be a good resource for me in the future?

Somehow I think I know better than she does that temps move on for many reasons, and do it often, and personally I knew they would fire me if I gave them two weeks notice because why pay someone to train when they won't ever use it? Neither of the people I spoke to at the actual company I was contracted to had a problem with my choice, or acted anything other than understanding. The Aerotek woman didn't even have an answer when I asked her calmly what she would do if she was in my position! She just wanted to yell at me. The other temps in my group completely understood as well. I have to do what's best for my career, I'm not going to stall out as a temp and MAYBE get hired just to make someone else happy!

tl;dr: Aerotek is disorganized, untrained, verbally abusive, and unprofessional. If you don't have to, don't work for them. I've worked for many amazing temp agencies over my career and been highly recommended by every one but this one!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Store Location: Arden Hills, Minnesota

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