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I got a job for a company after speaking with the company directly, but they still needed to hire me through a temp agency, and they chose Aerotek. I went in to fill out the proper paperwork, and thankfully kept my copies, then went on to work. I was told I would start on a Tuesday, and showed up promptly at 7:30AM only to be asked what I was doing there - I was supposed to start on Wednesday, and Aerotek was supposed to inform me of the change. I looked at my cell phone (which had been in my purse, as I was driving) and I had a missed call at 7:25AM from Aerotek - very nice of them to give me some notice. I was sent home and came back the next morning to start.

A few weeks later, there was a federal holiday and our offices were closed. When I got my paycheck, I wasn't paid for my time. My supervisor called my Aerotek recruiter and he faxed her over a 2-page agreement that he alleged that I signed, stating that I had waived any holidays or vacation days - who in their right mind would do this?! My signature was indeed on page 2, but in MY files I had a different page 1, stating that I was to be paid 6 holidays and would accrue 1 vacation day after every 400 hours worked. They seriously tried to screw me out of ANY paid time off by falsifying my documents! I guess they hoped I hadn't kept my copy, which we promptly faxed back. I got my holidays and vacation.

Recently, I used 2 vacation days after accruing 5. When I received my paycheck, it was only for the 24 hours that I actually worked - the 16 hours vacation were not paid. I called and was told that it would be fixed right away. On my next paycheck, after working a full 40 hours, my paycheck included 40 hours of VACATION time when they actually owed me 40 hours regular + 16 hours vacation. I am still waiting on this to be resolved, two weeks later... every time I call I am told they "need to dig deeper" into my time records and get back to me. Seriously, how difficult is it to fix this screw-up?

These people are inept, yet somehow they're the ones with permanent jobs and I'm a temp... kinda backwards, no?

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Store Location: Columbus, Ohio

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I heard so many complants for this place. I was going to concer this.

But the reviews tell me that this comany is bad. Should I go in this company anyhow:?

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